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Best Ancient Egyptian Themed Slots for Real Money

Ancient Egypt has got a different way of speaking wonders, from tough explorers to gracious queens, Egypt keeps your imagination covered. The country is popular for its ancient themed slots availability envisaging plentiful opportunities for gamers and also breaking down to the subcategory of different artifacts, eras, and people. Slots have always been a game of choice for all gamers worldwide, but expecting a theme-based slot from an empire continuing from 3100 BC is somewhat unbelievable. However, the culture of Egypt keeps the treasure of slots lively for years, and that is the historical treasure of the place. Moreover, Egypt has brought multiple online slot selections for you as well.

Online slots are emerging as the new trend across the world and with so many legal casinos operating down the lane, the demand for slots has galvanized. Places fostering legal casinos such as online slots pa and other operators as well as held the gaming market in their grasp. Egypt has also witnessed a growing exigency in its slots market, many established and developing slots have got the gamers covered with their offerings.

Crown of Egypt

The Crown of Egypt was released in December 2012 and is not as popular as the other themed slots across the province but is fun to watch and entertaining to play, all thanks to the outlined graphics, smooth animation, attractive sound effects, and intriguing features. The game features 40 pay lines, and 5 reels, and possesses 1024 different ways to win. These ways to win features are open for activation and deactivation anytime according to your preference.

The game lets you play 1 line for 1 coin, the adjustable values for coins make it a unique experience for the high-limit and low-limit players. The game provides various symbol icons throughout the game that increase your winning combinations. Spin bonuses are available with the option of pyramid selection in the game of Crown of Egypt.

Cleopatra Egyptian Slots

The Cleopatra Egyptian slot is designed and created by Big Gaming developers IGT, a company well-known for designing casinos across the world. One of the biggest names for manufacturing gaming systems and creating the best casino games in the world, this slot game is renowned so well that a sequel was made after this, ‘Cleopatra II Slot Machine’. As the name suggests, the game is based on a queen Cleopatra and involves various Egyptian cultures in its gameplay.

A regular casino game has three reels, while the Cleopatra slot has five reels, which makes it slightly different from other casino slot games. The touch feature in the game adds to the interactivity of the game with the players. The music, the language, sound effects, graphics, and other features of the game adds an additional appealing tone to it. The game offers maximum betting opportunities along with credit points to its users.

Mistress of Egypt

Mistress of Egypt was designed and created by IGT, it is a three-row slot machine with a five-reel inclusion. The game offers its players a total of thirty pay lines without toggling on or off. There are various features underlined with the game such as free spins rounding throughout and the presence of random wilds. The graphics of the game are appealing with a beautiful sky draped with silkens, a woman inspired by Cleopatra holding a pyramid and standing next to the reels, and stunning animation.

The symbols are specially designed with a separate layout of cards and with themed icons. The letters have a golden lining specially added by the developers to make them attractive and culturally rich. The game offers a number of small win options for the players along with random wild bonuses.

Book of the Sphinx

Book of the Sphinx is designed by IGT and includes 20 pay line slots and 5 reels from IGT that can be played on all devices starting from a minimal amount and extending to 100 per spin. As the game is set in ancient Egypt, the features are culturally enhanced, an Eye of Ra feature as the game fosters symbol stacks on the basis of the free spin bonus feature and the base game. You can avail up to 250 games while expanding.

The Pharoah becomes the main symbol throughout the game, the symbols are replaceable as well. The game comes with super bonus features for its players with a retriggering feature and a maximum of 250 spins availability.

Valley of Fortunes

The Valley of Fortunes game is one of the most highly volatile games in the list of Egyptian slots. This game is different from other slot machines, the graphics and sound effects are culturally taken from ancient Egypt but the similarity ends there itself. The most common symbols are jewels in the game with black symbols having no value followed by the green or blue symbols with some mid-value and red kept aside for high-value players. If you win the high value in two lands featured games, you get the bonus through in the next game.

The symbols arrange themselves downwards in the bonus. The symbols represented by numbers remain intact while the black symbols explode and disappear followed by a new set of symbols. The game reflects a number of reset options and sums up your bagged wins.


Egypt has always maintained its gaming presence in the market, especially talking about themed slots, an ancient country like Egypt offers various online slots to its residents. Gaming operators across the nation have developed so many games to choose from, the list is long enough for the gamers to settle for the best ones, but some of the tested and reviewed gaming slots are listed in the article for your reference.

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