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How to Build an Authoritative Brand

If you have just launched a new business, you’re in good company. In the US, UK, and several other major economies, a record number of new businesses were filed last year. In the US alone, this amounted to more than 5.4 million new businesses beginning operations in 2021, according to NPR.

While this indicates a generally healthy economic sentiment and a greater willingness to take risks from the entrepreneurial public, it also means that competition across all industries is hotter than ever. Small, independent businesses must go the extra mile to stand out in a crowded marketplace and convince discerning customers because they should be chosen over competitors.

This is where the question of brand authority comes into play. An authoritative brand is one that is perceived as an industry expert, one that understands its niche perfectly and can thus deliver something that other competitor companies cannot. Here are some simple ways to position your brand as an authoritative one.

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Content is king

One of the most effective ways to build brand authority is to focus on content. This is content that does not necessarily sell your product, but demonstrates your knowledge of the industry and shows why your company is worth listening to. The most common way that companies do this is with a blog, which they regularly update with various insights about the industry and customers they serve.

A stellar example in this space is the IBM tech consulting blog, which covers hot-button topics such as sustainability, cyberwarfare, and cloud computing. These blogs are not just interesting and informative, they also illustrate the vast expertise at IBM’s disposal, cementing customer trust.

Help customers understand 

Blog content is one thing, but you should also focus on building on-site resources that help customers make better use of the products or services that you offer. By adding how-tos, tutorials, and simple explainers to your site, you can also convince customers of the applicability of your service to them. A good example here can be found on the sports betting website SBO.

While their main goal is to connect customers with the best sports betting websites, they also offer easy-to-follow guides on how to read odds, how to build a winning betting strategy, and even an interactive online betting calculator, so that they know exactly how much to wager. These very helpful and applicable resources will add authority to your brand quickly. 

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Be an industry leader

The best way to get an advantage over the competition is to lead from the front. If you can position yourself as the most experienced, knowledgeable, and confident company in the sector, customers will choose you every time. There are many ways to become a leader in the industry. You could organize your very own conference, where others in your industry can gather under your banner.

For example, the software giant Microsoft hosts one of the world’s most important tech conferences – Ignite. Although this conference is organized and paid for by Microsoft, attendees and speakers come from across the IT world, including most of Microsoft’s biggest competitors. However, since Microsoft is the organizer, they immediately appear to be the more authoritative brand.

Entertain and inform

While information is key to authority, it is not the only ingredient. You also need to engage your customers and make them actually want to consume the content you put out there. In order to do this the right way, you need to get creative about the medium you might wish to use. For example, one very popular approach these days is to launch a corporate podcast.

This might sound dry to some, but it is worth emphasizing that some of the world’s most popular podcasts right now are the brainchildren of corporate marketing departments. For example, some of the top “brand podcasts” right now include “The Sauce” (McDonald’s), “Insights” (Goldman Sachs), #LIPSTORIES (Sephora), and Work in Progress (Slack). With a top-notch podcast that people want to listen to, your brand can go straight to the top. 

In a crowded field, your expertise is your most valuable asset. Try these tips to build authority and trust in your brand today. 

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