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Top 15 Earphone Brands In India

The earphones are the most wanted electronics gadgets after a cell phone. Earphones give privacy to a person and a person can listen to music or talk over the phone with another person privately. The earphones make a person comfortable in lonely streets or crowded areas. You can easily listen to your delightful songs just by wearing the earphones and visit your ideal world.

The earphones are available in different colors and you can wear them with any type of dress and handle them easily. They can easily fit into your phones or iPods or small radios. All the earphones have the best audio quality and the best looks. As the earphones have advanced with technology you will get a variety of earphones of different kinds and different brands.

Here are the 11 top best brands of earphones available in India which have the best quality of sound as well as the looks of the earphones. They are as follows:

1. Sony

Sony Earphone Brand In India

Sony is one of the leading companies that manufactures the best audio and video production. There is a various range of earphones produced by Sony. The features in these are different due to the varied price range. But the sound quality available in them is superb.

 Sony is one of the finest electronics companies which is always in demand in the years. The sound quality of Sony has always been the topmost priority. Thus the earphones with all types of advanced technology which makes the sound quality and style of the earphones improved a lot.

2. Bose

Bose Earphone Brand In India

Bose Corporation is one of the leading companies in the world that sells audio equipment all over the world. The company was founded by Mr. Amar Bose in the year 1964. The company has its headquarters in Framingham.

 This is one of the best companies that produce the best audio product such as loudspeakers, earphones, headphones, professional audio equipment, car audio, etc. The company has more than 9000 employees all over the world. The presence of the company can be seen all over the world.

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3. Philips

Philips Earphone Brand In India

Philips is one of the leading multinational conglomerates that manufacture electronic goods. The company has its headquarters in Amsterdam. It was founded in the year 1893. It was once one of the largest electronics companies in the world.

 It still has its presence all over the world. The company still produces some of the best products available in the market which include bulbs, audio systems such as earphones, medical equipment, etc. At present, the company has almost 77,400 employees all over the world. The company still serves consumers all over the world.

4. Boat

Boat Earphone Brand In India

The boat is an Indian company that was founded in the year 2016. The headquarter of the company is located in Mumbai, India. It had started with an initial capital of Rs. 30 lakhs. The company produces earphones, headphones, travel chargers, cables, etc.

The design of the goods is trendy and efficient. Good products at affordable prices are one of the prime features of this company. The company is gradually spreading its wings to other products too. Recently it has launched Bluetooth speaker named Pitcher.

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5. Skullcandy

Skullcandy Earphone Brand In India

Skullcandy is an American company that has its headquarters in the city of Park City in Utah. It was founded in the year 2003 by Rick Alden. The company produces audio equipment and accessories that are of good quality and has an affordable price structure.

The design of the accessories is trendy and updated. The earphones produced by the company produces the best sound. The company is also manufacturing wireless earphones.

6. JBL

JBL Earphone Brand In India

JBL is one of the leading audio equipment manufacturers in the world. This company is an America based company that has its headquarters in Los Angeles, in California. The company was founded in the year 1946.

The company manufactures loudspeakers, amplifiers, and earphones. It is well-known for its audio equipment. Perfect sound with the best design is the usp of this company. You can find a range of the best quality earphones that has the best sound quality in JBL.

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7. Samsung

Samsung Earphone Brand In India

Samsung is one of the top multinational conglomerates in the world. It is a South Korean company that has its presence all over the world. The word Samsung means ” three stars”. The headquarters of the company is placed at Samsung Town in Seoul. The company was founded in the year 1938.

It produces a large variety of products such as automobile chemicals, audio equipment, electronics, telecommunication equipment and a lot more. Almost all the verticals are revenue earning. The audio equipment produced by the company such as earphones, headphones, loudspeakers, home theatres, etc is of top quality.

8. Cross beat

Cross Beat Earphone Brand In India

Cross beat is famous for music systems and it is a form of polyrhythmic. All the gadgets of the cross beat are easily designed for music and the sound quality of every gadget is superb. Cross beat was first established in the year 1934 by Arthur Morris Jones a musicologist.

 Thus cross beat music is very unique and it keeps in mind the different beats in the music and makes sure that the listener can distinguish and enjoy the music. Thus the earphones of the cross beat are of the best quality.

9. Sennheiser

Sennheiser Earphone Brand In India

Sennheiser is a German origin company that specializes in audio quality of the products. The company mainly sells all high-fidelity products. These products include microphones, telephone accessories, music systems, and other gadgets.

They also produce professional business applications that are useful in the business world. The company was founded in the year 1945 jut after world war II. The earphones of the company are of the supreme quality with the best quality sound. It can be easily used without any hurtle.  


Honor Earphone Brand In India

HONOR is one of the famous electronics companies that originated in China. HONOR has a range of mobile phones of the highest quality along with earphones. It was first started in the year 2013 by Ren Zengfei, it is a Huawei Consumer Business Group’s product.

It targets young customers and it is regarded as one of the fastest-growing companies in the world of electronics gadgets. The HONOR earphones have many specialties, the audio quality is superb and you can use it.

11. Pioneer

Pioneer Earphone Brand In India

Pioneer is a Japan-based company, which is regarded as one of the fastest-growing electronic gadgets in the world. It was incorporated in India in 2008. The business is over car audio or the audiovisual of any gadgets.


Jabra Earphone Brand In India

Jabra earphones are a perfect workout partner for you. They go with all your sporting needs. They have incredible features like in ear heart rate monitors, automatic repetition counting and VO2 Max tracking. It comes with excellent sound quality and it has immense durability. It doesn’t wear away quickly even after continuous use. The Jabra earphones are appropriate for indoors as well outdoor workout. It is designed especially for fitness freaks. The models of Jabra earphones include Jabra sport pace, Jabra Elite 45e, Jabra Elite Active tec. These wireless sports earphones range between INR 5500-25000.


Apple Earphone Brand In India

Apple EarPods have defined the geometry of the ear. They are designed in a way that your sound output is maximized and your sound loss is minimized. It is meant for the highest quality audio. The premium earphones have an in built mic and sensor in both kinds of variants respectively. They let you adjust the volume, control the playback and answer or end calls. The earphones of Apple have deeper bass tones and provide optimum protection from sweat and water. Compatible with all kinds of devices, apple earphones are a delight for music listeners.


RHA Earphone Brand In India

Scotland based RHA earphones provide warm and smooth sound signature. They have a strong metal built and are compatible with all the devices. These earphones carry tangle free fabric cables that makes them easy to store. They have a superlight design. The dynamic earphones are an affordable choice for high quality portable listening. They are durable and they provide distortion free clean audio. RHA is known for its resilience and premium body finish at a reasonable price.


Shure Earphone Brand In India

The award winning earphones takes care of all your sound needs. The sound isolating design blocks out background noise for an immersive, true to life experience. They are a perfect pick for stage as well as streets. They energize to the daily life without letting your drop any beat. The Shure earphones offer distinct separation of musical elements. They deliver clean, natural bass that convert your commute into a concert and workout into a discovery.

The earphones used are of the top quality and can last for a long time. The top quality of products at affordable prices is a prime feature of the company. They also have premium range products too.

You will get a range of best earphones in the market which will make you confused as to which brand you should choose. This article has every information that you need to know about the brands.

16. Realme


Realme was once a sub-brand of Oppo but over time, the brand has acquired a great reputation in recent years with its collection of earphones and earbuds. Known for its sound quality, the wide range of Realme Earphones is an excellent choice if you’re looking for premium sound at nominal prices.

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