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Top 11 jeans brands in India

Fashion and styling can elevate the overall look of an individual. A well-groomed and presentable individual can impress anyone at first sight. The first impression is the last impression is an old saying. Most people might think that fashionable clothes are delicate and so might not always be comfortable, lightweight as well as long lasting.

Well, this is a myth. There is a staple outfit that can be comfortable, stylish as well as durable and that is Jeans. No matter, whether you are a college student or a hotshot CEO a pair of jeans in your wardrobe can definitely savior your day. With the right pair of jeans, you can enjoy all sorts of occasional or daily activities like attending college, going for picnics or hikes, office meetings even conferences, or even just while chilling with friends.

Jeans can blend along with any type of companion like a shirt, T-shirt or even under the blazer, they can easily be mixed and matched, and hence are used widely. In this blog, you will find the top ten jeans brands in India, that bear the best qualities like the versatile look, durable, perfect fitting, wide variety in colors, and hence are awesome wear for any season.

1. Levi’s Jeans:

The youngsters are crazy about this particular branded jeans mainly due to its perfect fitting and touch of the denim. Founded in the month of May 1853, by a German immigrant who moved to San Francisco, Levi’s Jeans were made mainly for gents. However, in the year 1938, they updated by designing jeans for women. And since then they have become the heartbeat of almost everyone all over India.

2. Lee:

Though it is an American branded denim jeans, it has gained a wide popularity through India. The main motto of Lee jeans is comfortable yet stylish. From the waist brand stretch to the softness of denim everything is just perfect. The main three types of Jeans of Lee are curvy fit, easy fit and active comfort. No matter, whichever you choose you can easily pull off the outfit through the day.

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3. Wrangler jeans:

Suitable for any body types Wrangler jeans are popular due to their durability and are quite affordable. The flexibility of denim used for making the jeans make Wrangler jeans a perfect fit for almost all types of shapes and sizes. As they can be worn a bit higher on the waists, the butt fittings are almost unmatched. Though they are durable, the softness of the denim is not compromised.

4. Lee Cooper:

One of the oldest brands of the European clothing industry, the history of the establishment of Lee Cooper jeans was in 1908. The best option for daily wear, Lee cooper jeans are Iconic, modern, familiar as well as trendy. The comfortable fit makes the lee cooper jeans an ideal option for daily wear. The Lee Cooper is famous not only for its extraordinary jeans but also, design and manufacture denim jackets and footwear.

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5. Spykar Jeans:

Launched in 1992, Spykar jeans are famous for their casual wear as well as hi-fashionable wear. Designer jeans with impeccable quality, are the one that makes Spykar jeans, so popular among all age groups as well as with various sized people. If you like the design you just go for it, as the quality is assured the jeans will last for a very long time.

6. Pepe jeans:

Established in 1973 in London, Pepe jeans are luxurious, trendy and stylish. Available in a variety of colors, designs and sizes Pepe jeans are widely used due to their affordability. Comfortable fitting and durability the two main aspects of denim certainly hold a massive role as to why Pepe jeans are so popular!

7. Calvin Klein Jeans:

With the massive sale of over 200000 pairs of jeans in a week Calvin Klein has definitely achieved an outstanding business. The Calvin Klein Jeans, mostly were famous for their brand’s undergarments, however, with the great fitting and good quality jeans they have wildly captured the jeans market. Along with their branded undergarments and jeans, they also are experts in designing and manufacturing scarfs, choose, sunglasses and so on.

8. Flying machine Jeans:

Specially designed for college kids, Flying machine Jeans have a variety of unique colors. Stirrup, skinny, boot cut, narrow fit, low rise and so on are the latest trendy styles that teenagers love to wear. As the jeans are specifically for college going groups the costing of the jeans is quite affordable. However, it does not affect the quality, durability, and mainly the looks.

9. John Player Jeans:

Light-weighted, and perfect for a sunny day out John Player jeans have marked their stop in the Indian jeans market. Even though, blue is the most popular as well as most wanted color, of these particular branded jeans, John Player jeans even manufacture other colors including grey and black. As the denim used in these jeans is light weighted, hence the overall texture and weight of the jeans are quite feathery, making it comfortable wear even in the scorching sun.

10. Numero Uno Jeans:

With a wide range of clothing offered by Numero Uno like the sweatshirt, t-shirts, jackets, shoes they are proud designers and manufacturers of various types of Jeans too! Though mostly the jeans are dark blue, white, blue or light blue colored, they are in various types and sizes. Right from slim fit to tapered fit or from straight fit to relaxed fit choose from any type, and the quality is assured.

Jeans are regularly worn by almost all individuals, no matter whether you are male or female, or of what size you are there always is the jean that is just right for you. The main reason why jeans are so popular is that they are trendy and are durable as compared to pants.

Nowadays, there are unisex jeans, which are tailored in such a way that both males and females of any age group can enjoy the pleasure and leisure of wearing jeans. All you have to do is choose from any of the brands above, put them on and stay comfortable with style through the day.

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