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Top 11 plywood brands in India

Plywoods are used in a variety of external applications as well as interior structural architecture. Plywoods are made up by assembling multiple wooden sheets or veneers that make the plywood flat as well as very strong.

As the plywoods are versatility used, right from the framework of architectures to interior paneling, they should possess some vital qualities like, Flexibility, Strongness, Moisture and humidity resistant and Resistance towards basic impacts, and so on.

There are some branded plywood companies, which make such type of good quality plywood that can be longlasting. In this blog, there are some best-branded companies mentioned, that can help you in obtaining varieties of plywoods. Depending on the use of the plywood you can make the choice –

1. Kitply:

The most reliable brand in terms of providing waterproof and termite proof plywood, kitply is the ultimate choice of the carpenters. The establishment of Kitply was taken place in 1982 and has over the thousands of experienced, trained and expert workers. A proud and largest supplier is famous due to the quality of plywood available here.

2. Century Ply:

A Calcutta based company with a turn over of about four thousand crores is the second largest ply supplier in the country. Producing the strongest yet flexible plywoods for more than three decades Century ply comes with the best bonding system. The plywood is made up of rigid hardwood and is transformed to gain flexibility without compromising other qualities.

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3. Green ply:

It is a known fact that different plywoods are used for different kinds of purposes. Now, during the construction, it may happen, that you can require different types of ply. Greenply proudly provides various types of plywoods, that can almost suffice the needs of all types of plywood works. And that too without compromising the quality.

4. National Plywood:

Famous for its affordability, national plywood can offer one of the best plywoods for the construction as well as the carpentry industry. The plywood can be expensive as wood veneers or sheets are bonded together, now, for doing so the machinery needed and the labor is quite costly. However, National plywood is famous for its affordable yet best quality plywood.

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5. Krishna Plywood:

A company based in Tamil Nadu, and with over thirty-five years of experience Krishna Plywood is famous for its water resistance quality. A long lasting, as well as termite proof qualities, make these plywoods famous for interior linings of the furniture. Along with these three qualities Krishna plywoods are also famous for hardwood ply, laminated ply, checked plywood and many more.

6. Mayur Plywood:

Along with the best name in weather proof plywood, Mayur plywood is also famous for its decorative plywoods. This is one of the plywood companies which has a picture collection of portals of the plywood. Beautifully laminated, colored or painted plywood in unimaginable ways makes Mayur plywood a standout in the crowd. When you want the best looks and outstanding performance, Mayur plywoods can supply the plywood that is as pure as gold in the metals.

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7. Sound of Silence:

Want a soundproof room with style and elegance? Visit Sound of Silence for soundproof plywood fixtures. The company originally was famous for making rooms soundproof by acoustic fittings, but now by supplying A-grade soundproof plywood, the company has become one of its kind. It falls under a premium range plywood company and holds a leading position in India when it comes to buying plywood.

8. Sarda Plywood Industries:

Best defensive plywood against moisture or extreme weather conditions also can fight termites or other insects that can be obtained from Sarda Plywood Industries. The Sarda plywoods not only offer the strongest plywood but also, fourteen different types of plywoods, that can suitable for your needs. They have a portfolio ready when it comes to choosing the plywood so that the customer can have a look at the finished product.

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9. Bansal Sales:

Glamorous plywood with an elegant western finish can be perfect for your furniture. Bansal Sales are mainly famous for decorative plywoods that are not compromised in quality. They bear VIP clients like Dheli International Airport and the ISTB terminal of New Delhi. The thickness of the ply varies from five mm to fifteen mm that are made using seven plyboards. The laminated plywood floorings are so strong that they can withstand any amount of load without cracking

10. Kelara State Bamboo Cooperation:

The plywood is typically made by pressing wooden sheets so that the plywood gets stronger and can withstand any adverse weather conditions. However, at Kelara State Bamboo Cooperation, which is owned by the government, is made by pressing bamboo reeds. The reeds are pressed into netted matting at a very high temperature using phenolic resin and transformed into Bamboo plywood. As the government owns the cooperation the rates are affordable with very high quality.

11. Sumitra Rajkripal Group: (SRG)

With the long history since 1895, Sumitra Rajkripal Group is serving customers with the best quality plywood. The superiority of the product is unmatched and are specialized in marine plywoods as well as commercial multi-usable plywood. As the best quality of woods is used including the Gujran wood, due to which the ply has unmatched strength. The plywood is strong enough to hold the heavy cargo on the ships, as well as, is not affected by water due to water resistance quality and that is why they are mainly used in marine ship floorings.

Whenever a structure is constructed, the main concern choices are about constructing materials like cement. However, instead of leaving the choice of plywood to the builder or carpenter you can opt for the plywoods from the above given options. The main advantage of choosing your own plywood is that you can choose the best of the best. The plywood panels once set are difficult to replace and cost extra expenses.

The wooden furniture looks quite elegant, but the main concern about the wooden furniture is getting ruined due to various causes like humidity, weather fluctuations, termites and other insects. However, with the right choice of plywood, you can not only get stylish but also long lasting wooden furniture and floorings.

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