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Top 15 Wallet Brands in India

When it comes to fashion accessories, wallets are a must-have for both men and women. For men, it is the most vital thing that they keep with themselves while going anywhere or travelling. A wallet is not just for keeping the money or the card, not only does it help you keep things organised, but it also helps in you keeping them protected.

Some need wallets depending on their taste, and some require it with some kind of design elements. From ID cards to notes, you require wallets for so many things and below you would find brands which are some of the best brands when it comes to providing you with a quality wallet that you would be able to use for a long time.

Some brands would surely amaze you with the sheer range of designs that they have in store for you. You would find a huge range of designs when you go through this. With built material and lots of space, you would be able to find the best wallet for yourself among them all.

There are so factors to keep in mind while making a wallet purchase. In the below list you would find some of the best brands for a wallet for both men and women. These are some of the most popular and efficient band that the users have been using for years and have gained satisfaction by using their products.

1. Woodland

Woodland Wallet Brands In India

 Woodland is a shoe manufacturing company whose products are loved worldwide. The brand is a company which was founded in Quebec in Canada and from there it never had to look back. And it had then entered the Indian market keeping in mind the requirement of the people. Woodland shoes have gained a lot of popularity and have a reputation among customers.

But along with that their leather wallets have been gaining a lot of interest too. They use the same genuine leather that you would see them using for their shoes. You would get them in so many colours and sizes and various ranges depending on your budget. It is a great brand for people to search and look into wallets without emptying their existing wallets. 

2. WildHorn

WildHorn Wallet Brands In India

 This is an India based brand and one of the most reputed brands among customers. They operate from Kolkata and you would be able to buy them online as well without any hassle. They have gained a lot of fame when it comes to providing genuine products to their customer and with innovative design and intricate styles and unique packaging; it is something that you should give try at least once.   

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3. Puma

Puma Wallet Brands In India

This though has gained fame as a popular sportswear company, this is one brand from where you would find genuine leather and quality wallets. It is a European brand and was founded in the year 1948. You would find so many new designs and colours and in various styles, you would be able to find the wallet that would suit your need. 

4. Levi’s

Levi's Wallet Brands In India

 Levi is an American company which was founded by Levi Strauss in the year 1853 and are well known for their jeans. They provide you with high-quality jeans made of high-quality materials. The same goes for their wallets. Whether you buy their advanced leather jackets, they would never lower their quality to stay in the market. The wallets of Levi are alluring and you would start loving them. 

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5. Titan Wallets

Titan Wallet Brands In India

This is an Indian brand which speaks of luxury. From slim bags to watches, their watches are timeless. Titan wallets are of no exception as well. They would allure you and the designs are so great and intricate that you would fall in love with them. They are one of the most durable and everlasting products that you would come across. 

6. Peter England

Peter England Wallet Brands In India

 Founded in the year 1997, it has spread smile among everyone with their good quality products. You would find some stylish and durable wallet designs. They would not be heavy on your pockets as well. 

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7. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Wallet Brands In India

 If you are looking for designer wallets, then this brand would soon become your favourite. They specialise in women designer wallets and have recently stepped into this segment. They produce high-quality wallets for both men and women and the prices are quite modest and would not put a dent in your pocket. 

8. Hidesign


Hidesign Wallet Brands In India

This is a company which has spread into 3000 all around the globe. And you would surely fall in love with the designs and styles that they have for you. They are the leading brand for providing genuine leather wallets to all. 

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9. Fossil

Fossil Wallet Brands In India

They are crafted out of environment-friendly leather and you would see the example of perfect craftsmanship with them and their product. Fossil has always been a loved brand and their genuine leather wallets are considered the best by a lot. 

10. Baggit

Baggit Wallet Brands In India

Baggit is a brand which allows you to walk in style. Get designer, in different size and various colour bags just for you depending on what your preferences are. They provide simple yet cruelty-free leather. The designs are sleek and you would fall in love with it.

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11. Caprese

Caprese Wallet Brands In India

This brand shot off with a dream to provide Avant grade bags and wallets for women. The company is a favourite among a lot of women and is one of the best brands when it comes to bags and wallets for women. The aesthetic sense of style and the genuine high-quality product is something that everyone appreciates after using the product. The bags would be suitable for all kinds of occasion. 

12. Wildcraft

Wildcraft Wallet Brands In India

The funky cool looking Wildcraft wallets are lively and complements your youth. It is a rather top pick among the youngsters. Wildcraft wallets are goes with every outlook and style. Coming from a brand that already has a strong presence in the market, these wallets promise durability with style. The sleek design and premium quality fabric makes it a worthy buy. The wallets have essential compartments and carry a compact pattern. They are light weight and easy to port. The cost of Wildcraft wallets starts from 299 for the Bi fold variant.


Camel Wallet Brands In India

Camel wallets utilize full grain cow leather. These wallets are designed with a special lining to protected the Radio Frequency Identification Chips in your credit and debit cards from any unauthorized reach. The classic men’s wallet has wide compartments build with premium quality fabric. These wallets are toughly stitched and are highly durable. They go with contemporary lifestyle and fashion. They are slim and lightweight and get better with age.

14. Urban Forest

Urban Forest Wallet Brands In India

The contemporary style wallets of Urban Forest contain premium quality Polyester lining. The Urban Forest wallets are a perfect gifting solution for men of all ages because it goes with every look and style. Urban Forest wallets have unique designs and are light weight. Compact, sleek and spacious wallets that are not at all bulky. They are a perfect pick for all your carrying needs. The wallets have a well organized compartments. They offer uncompromised style and comfort.

15. United Colors of Benetton

United Colors of Benetton Wallet Brands In India

A global fashion brand based in Italy has something for every walk of life. The brand excels in the wallet segment incredibly. From the build to the material to the finishing, UCB wallets are a definition of comfort and style. The premium quality wallets carry sleek design and come is all classy colors. These wallets do not wear away frequently. They are lightweight and easy to carry. The price starts from INR 1200.

Wallets are an essential accessory that is required to hold on to the card, the money and to keep them safe and secure as well. It also safeguards your financial documents from the thieves and this protects your financial health. So, from the above list, you could go for the one which would suit your requirements and are quite popular among the people as well. 

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16. Da Milano

Da Milano

Da Milano, an Indian brand produces some of the finest leather products and has a great presence across Dubai, Bahrain, Nepal, etc. Da Milano is known for its wallets made for both men and women. Choose from the wide range of authentic leather wallets from Da Milano. Shop from their online or offline stores near you.


Q1. which is the best wallet brands in india?

A. Peter England

Q2. which brand leather wallet is best?

A. Urban Forest Toronto Black Men’s Leather Wallet

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