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What to do with Dad on Father’s Day?

He is the superhero without a cape protecting you from everything possible, he is the genie who magically makes all your dreams come true, he is the idol you can look upto and the best friend you can always rely on. He is the mentor to give you the world’s best advice yet he is also the partner-in-crime who will help you sneak out of the house when your mother has strictly grounded you. He will scold you when you do something wrong but this in turn breaks his heart too. He will let you make mistakes only so that you can learn from it but he will also be there for you to fall back on at any given point. You might outgrow his lap and his shoulder might no longer be the highest place for you, but for him, you will always be his little baby. Yes, this great man is none other than your dad- the best man in your life!

If you are looking for a bunch of activities that you can choose from to spend father’s day with your dad in the most memorable way possible, we have a couple of ideas for you:

  • Go on a long drive with him

All his life, he has been the one driving you around, it’s time the roles are reversed. If you are above 18 and you know how to drive, take this opportunity and take him on a long drive. You can either go on a drive with no fixed destination in mind or you can either go on a drive that leads to a specific place that you have in mind. To make this even more special, you can greet him with flowers when he gets into the car and in case you are wondering whether to get beautiful fresh flower delivery in delhi from, well, you can order flowers online on Bloomsvilla and get the best quality flowers delivered at your doorstep.

  •  Make him his favourite dish

It can be anything that he likes, whether it’s a starter, main course or even dessert. Make his favourite dish and surprise him, this will for sure bring the widest smile on his face. In case you absolutely can’t cook or you are far away from him on this special day, well, the next best alternative would be to order his favourite dish from his favourite restaurant and get it delivered to his place.

  • Take him out for a match

Whether he likes cricket, football, basketball, or any other game, take him out for a match of the same. If there’s no good match of his favourite sports going on on this particular day, you can maybe play a match with him? It’s going to remind the two of you of the good old days and there’s nothing better than this.

  • Go for a short trip

This trip can even be for just a day and it can be even to the nearest travel destination. What matters is, this will be a family trip (or you can go for one with just your dad, whichever one you and he prefers). This trip will help you bond with him in a totally different way and will be a memorable one for lifetime.

  • Book a spa session for him

He might have never gone for a spa but you know he deserves it more than anybody else. Send him for a relaxing spa day and for when he comes back home, you can have the room decorated with his favourite flower, this will make him feel even more special. For online flower delivery, you can check out the Bloomsvilla website as it has a wonderful collection of various kinds of flowers- pick his favourite one!

He makes all your days special in whatever way possible, he does everything in his power to make you smile. Take the opportunity of Father’s Day and plan a day for him that he is going to cherish forever. No matter how you wish to celebrate this day with your father, don’t forget to hug him tight and tell him that you love him. This would mean the most to him!

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