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4 Best Online Mathematical Tools That Are Helpful For Students

Mathematics is a very essential subject in education and daily life. Each student has their own interest in this subject. Some students enjoy doing mathematical problems as they find it an interesting subject.  While, other students take mathematics as the most difficult subject.

They become afraid while doing mathematical problems because they feel nervousness and have fear in their mind that they are unable to solve such problems.

The fear in students’ minds increases when the math teacher asks them about their homework. Due to this fear some students have to change their subject and waste their whole academic year.

While some students decide to leave their education just due to the fear of solving larger calculations.

The students who are weak in this subject must choose some other ways to understand how to solve mathematical problems instead of changing subjects or leaving studies.

Now for solving every kind of mathematical problem, there are hundreds of online mathematical tools available that are created for the help of weak students.

By using online tools students can solve their problems easily and can also understand any topic by reading the content of the online tools.

These online tools play a vital role in solving mathematical problems with steps.

In this post, we will list the four best mathematical tools that are very helpful for students in solving mathematical problems.


Meracalculator is a website that provides several mathematical tools for helping students who find it difficult to solve mathematical calculations. This website provides 300+ mathematical tools as well as many other educational tools.

MeraCalculator offers 13 categories to solve educational and daily life conversions and calculations. Some educational categories that are available on this website are mathematical tools, physics tools, chemistry tools, and many other tools are present on this website.

Here are some online tools that are offered by meracalculator.

  • Derivative calculator
  • Integral calculator
  • LCM calculator
  • GCF calculator
  • Cross product calculator
  • Half angle identity calculator
  • Limit calculator 

The students who are weak in mathematics and physics can use this website for getting the exact solution of their problems in a few seconds.

The relevant topic of each tool is discussed on this website. Students can learn all the basics and formulas to solve problems related to the required problem.

The blog section is also offered by this website in which mathematical articles are present.

Students can also solve their assignments by using this website as they can get a step-by-step solution on this site. This site is free of cost. Students can use this site anytime without any charges.


The antiderivative calculator is an online source that provides step-by-step calculations of integral calculus problems. This website also contains some other mathematical tools that are used frequently in calculus.

Here are some other calculus tools that are offered by antiderivative calculator.

  • Double integral calculator
  • Triple integral calculator
  • Implicit differentiation calculator
  • Partial derivative calculator
  • Taylor series calculator
  • Maclaurin series calculator
  • Laplace transform calculator

This source is very beneficial for solving the problems and assignments related to calculus. This website also provides the solution to integral problems by using both types of integral.

Either by the definite method or indefinite method.

Students can copy the result of their required problem from this site. Students who are not familiar with antiderivative or find this topic difficult can read the content about the integral to grab all the basics of the antiderivative.

The antiderivative calculator can be used on mobiles, laptops, and even on PCs. students can also install the application of this tool on their mobiles from the google play store or Apple app store. This tool is very easy to use, student has to only put the input in the required box.

The result will be in front of them in just a few seconds. Like MeraCalculator this tool is also free of cost. Students can also take solved examples that are available on this tool if they have to write an article on integral or have to solve the assignment questions about giving examples of integral.


Ecalculator is an online source that is very helpful for students to solve educational problems like the problems of mathematics, physics, and statistics. Students who want to solve the problems of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and other subjects can use this source.

Ecalculator is not only helpful for students but also businessmen and other working persons. This website contains 7 categories like education, finance, health, conversion, etc. More than 200 hundred calculators are present on this website.

Students can select an education category to find the solution to their required questions. Here are some online tools that are offered by this site.

  • Binary calculator
  • Exponent calculator
  • Arc length calculator
  • Percentage increase calculator
  • Scientific notation calculator
  • Binary to decimal converter
  • Percentage difference calculator

Students can also read study-related articles on this source. They can also take the graphs of their questions and can copy the results from this site.

Ecalculator charges no money as it is totally free and students can solve unlimited problems on it without any cost.


A Sigfig calculator is an online tool used to find the significant figures of the given numbers. This tool is very helpful for those students who want to solve problems related to significant figures.

Sigfig calculator also provides some other results with significant figures like:

  • Decimal notation
  • Scientific notation
  • E-notation
  • Number of decimals

Students can put any kind of question like standard form, order of operation, the largest number, or the smallest number to get the significant figures of them.

This tool also offers blogs related to significant figures. Students can read the blogs of this tool to become masters in this topic.

All the definitions, rules, and tricks of significant figures are mentioned in the articles present in the blog section. Students can also round off their output up to 10 significant digits.

This tool is free to use like the other websites.

The least common multiple calculator is yet another great online tool designed to help students with their problems in mathematics. Relatively, Mera calculator, specializes in allowing students to be able to easily find the LCM of given numbers in a problem, which is actually considered a core in mathematics. offers quick and accurate solutions for LCM on top of providing step-by-step answers for the sake of the student’s understanding in the methodology of a certain problem. This site is very useful for students who are having trouble with LCM computations. Furthermore, it provides instructional materials and illustrative examples that will help in the learning process even more. Hence, this tool is an excellent addition to other mathematics tools like Meracalculator,,, or


The above list of mathematical tools is very useful for the students to solve any kind of mathematical question with a step-by-step output in no time. Students can reduce the difficulty of larger calculations by using these tools.

They can also prepare themselves for exams just by following the content and examples of these sites.

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