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5 BEST Minecraft Farms for Beginners

Resource management is one major task for beginners if they don’t prepare their early game farms in Minecraft. With the best farms in Minecraft, you don’t have to worry about collecting certain materials that come in handy when you are progressing in the game. Therefore, we have brought you a collection of 5 Best Minecraft Farms for beginners that are the essentials if you are just starting in the game. Also, each Minecraft farm requires a hell of resources but worry not you can visit U7BUY for different Minecoins gift cards which will certainly speed up your progress.

1.      Chicken Farm

The chicken farm is among the most common additions in the game that, provides you with feathers, eggs, and food. With the resources from the Chicken Farm in Minecraft, you can gain health, trade, and craft various recipes to progress in the game. With the simple breeding mechanics, you can easily make this farm without much effort, which makes it one of the best Minecraft farms for beginners.

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2.      Honey Bee Farm

Honey Bee Farm is one of the best farms in Minecraft, as it provides two major resources for harvesting: Honey and Honeycombs. You can refine honey into Sugar which can be incorporated in various food recipes. On the other hand, you can utilize honeycomb for making unique blocks, Wax, and Candles. If you get enough honey on your hands from this farm, you can create the anti-poison, which protects you from the attacks launched by Witch mobs at you.

3.      Magma Farm

Magma Farm is rather challenging to create in Minecraft, but it would be worth the effort. You can generate Magma Blocks from this farm that are incredibly useful for defending your base from the hostile mobs in the game.

Players will have to build this farm in the Netherlands, which also allows you to craft different items for potion making, light, and decoration. The best production of Magma Farm is the Magma Cream, which can be used to make Fire Resistant Potions to fan the Nether’s Flames. Magma Farm is one of the best Minecraft farms for beginners, as it gives you a defensive edge in the game.

4.      Fish Farm

Fish Farm is yet another one of the best Minecraft farms for beginners, as it serves as an unlimited food source. Building this farm can help you earn easy XP in the game right from the start. You can plant enchantments on the fishing rod to catch various types of fish like Salmon, Pufferfish, Cod, and Tropical Fish. Each fish carries special types of items which additionally provide you food and XP as well.

5.      Wood Farm

The Wood Farm in Minecraft is by far the most valuable farm in Minecraft as it provides building material resources for you. Harvesting the trees individually provides renewable resources that are useful in almost every crafting recipe in the game.

In our list of the best Minecraft farms for beginners, you can get a good head-start in the game to get all the basic resources that help craft recipes. Building these farms requires minimal effort and gives you an automated source of materials in the game.

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