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Ways To Keep Your Brain Healthy

You all are quite enthusiastic about keeping your body fit and healthy. You follow a rigorous diet, sweat on the treadmills, some indulge in yoga, and many other ways to evince a robust build. However, most of you forget about the centre of the body and brain. Do you take the necessary steps and measures to keep in shape? Well, the answer is no or not how much as the body is taken care of.

But you should know that body and mind are interconnected. If your mind is unhealthy, even your healthy body will feel tired and distressed. In this modern world where you are exposed to several kinds of tensions and affiliations; your mind tends to get disturbed. You feel stress, anxiety attacks, and at the worst, you slip into depression and many other mental health issues. The need of the hour is to take care of your mind as well. Certain lifestyle changes can prove to be beneficial for the health of your brain. We have suggested a few:

  1. Eat Healthy: Eating healthy is important for both body and brain. Foods such as blueberries, nuts, fatty fish are brain-healthy foods. Cut back on frozen and processed meals and cheese as they are high in sodium content and can drive up blood pressure. Eat Satvik foods. Make your plate rich in grains, vegetables, and fruits.
  • Do Yoga: For building your body, the gym is a great place to be. But for the sanity of the mind, it’s the Indian science of yoga that you need. Yoga incorporates the practice of breathing exercises and meditation. These two are specifically designed to keep the brain healthy and happy. Then, there are mindful exercises as well that you can do like letting go of the past, indulging in karmic activities, spending time in nature that all will protect you from developing or worsening vascular diseases. Yogic books or a subscription of yoga classes, an opportunity to attend yoga retreat is the best gift for wife and your beloved ones.
  • Sleep Well: Poor sleeping habits are the reason for an unhealthy brain. Your mind needs to rest and relax to clean up neurons and synapses. If you do not get enough and quality sleep, both your brain and body suffers. Make sure to hit the bed on time and wake up fresh. If you find it difficult to fall asleep; then consider placing Gerberas next to your bed or air-purifying plants that emit oxygen. Lit up aromatic candles, listen to soothing music, try some restorative yoga.
  • Keep Your Brain Engaged: No work makes jack a dull boy. Keep your brain engaged by reading books, taking cooking or painting classes or getting yourself indulge in any activity that is therapeutic like gardening. All these will help slow down or stave off brain ageing, depression, and memory loss.
  • Eat Dark Chocolate: The most delicious way to keep your brain healthy is to eat dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants, flavonoids, and nutrients that augments the release of happy hormones in the brain. In moments of stress, dark chocolate is the best antidote. Give a chocolate gift pack to show your care and love.
  • Check Your Blood Pressure: If you have hypertension, check your blood pressure regularly. Take measures and medication to keep in check and control. If not, they also do not stress much as it can cause hypertension. Watch the early signs of hypertension.

The bottom line is deteriorating brain health is increasing. It’s a health issue that needs immediate attention. Take care of it by following these simple yet effective ways.

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