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5 Signs that it is Time to Replace Your Roof

Roofs are usually sturdy to protect you from the environmental elements, but they are prone to tear and wear. It is essential to be proactive, look for damages to your roof, and repair them as soon as possible. It will also cost you less to repair than to replace the whole roof.

Though you are likely to be the first to spot the damaged roof, don’t make any attempt to analyze or repair the roof. This is dangerous and could potentially harm you as you lack the right equipment. That is why you should hire professionals from roofing companies Auckland to assess the damage and determine the next course of action.

Below we give you five signs you should look for to determine if your roof needs repair.

1.   Leaks in the Roof

Leaks will probably be the first sign that your roof is damaged. It is not easy to tell if you don’t make your way to the attic. You need to check that all seams and insulation are okay. Sunlight shouldn’t be coming through, you shouldn’t hear any breeze, and most importantly, no water should be coming in.

You should call a professional from roofing companies Auckland if you spot peeling paint, or grey, brown spots on the ceiling as they also point to damage to the roof.

2.   Curling or Buckling Shingles

It is vital to check your shingles and replace damaged ones regularly. Curling or buckling shingles are a sign that they are either damaged or are loose. Algae growth on your shingles is also a sign that they need replacing. Shingles have weatherproofing properties, and if the properties are made from limestone, they may be a target for algae attack. Call a professional immediately you spot any of these signs.

3.   Sagging Roof

Sometimes damage to your roof may be severe that the roof sags. It is usually an indication of damage to boards under the roof, which is dangerous as it means that the roof could collapse under you. Get a professional from roofing companies Auckland to immediately assess and repair the damage before more harm is caused.

4.   Mold, Moss and Fungi on the Roof

Fungi, Moss and Mold on the roof are signs of moisture stuck there. This moisture can damage your roof, and it screams an underlying issue. You need to immediately remove the moss, mold or fungi or call a professional from roofing companies Auckland.

5.   Missing Gutter Guards, Flashing, Granules or Shingles

Missing roofing parts is a big red flag. It could mean that the structural integrity of your roof is compromised. You should regularly check your roof, especial after heavy storms and if something is out of place or missing, call for help immediately.


Roofs keep us safe from the weather elements. They are also not directly in our eye vision, so damages may be overlooked if one doesn’t actively check them. If the damages persist, they could lead to more significant problems and cost you more money. You should often check for the signs above for any roofing damages or call professionals from roofing companies Auckland to make regular checks for you.

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