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5 Stylish Ways To Add Extra Storage Space To Your Home

We spend more and more time in our houses, and as a result, the number of objects we have also increases. This implies that, before you know it, you can live in a cluttered environment and it can be oppressive.

So, if you want to live in a clutter-free environment where it’s a pleasure to roam around and relax, here are five ways to add extra storage to your interior with style.

Cubby Shelves

Cubby shelves are like a blank canvas waiting for you to express your creativity. You can use them the way you want and store anything depending on the room they’re placed in.

Cubby shelves can be placed against a wall or between two rooms to mark a separation. Furthermore, you can store anything in these shelves from books to blu-rays, and even add a flower in a pot to make your interior more lively.

If you have enough experience as a builder, you can try customising your cubby shelves to have a unique asymmetric design.

Hook Racks

The hook rack is a classic storage object we kind of forgot at the beginning of the 2000s, but it’s coming back big time with new designs.

Don’t let your coats, hats, and scarves lie around on the couch; hook racks let you easily store everything you wear to go outside, and it’s a nice touch to have it at the disposal of your guests. You can opt for a vintage metallic wall-mounted rack, or choose a standing rack, as two popular examples.


Believe it or not, baskets can be stylish and are even essential to creating a functional space with plenty of storage. You can put them everywhere: on shelves, on the floor or in your cubby shelves.

They can store all the small items you use regularly but don’t want to be seen because they make your interior seem cluttered. In this regard, baskets are the best place to store the devices you use to play games on a mobile casino UK, headphones, or magazines.


Trays are not only for smokers. These shallow items are actually pretty handy and stylish with various materials like wood, metal, or porcelain to empty your pockets and never lose your keys again.

Some are just basic rectangles, but depending on your interior they can have ornaments, be round or made of precious materials such as opal or jade, and they will fit in any living room or lobby.

Multifunctional Furniture

One of the most efficient ways to gain extra space in your home is to have furniture that can fold and unfold to store your belongings. You can find a vast range of furniture from the simplest storage ottoman with a lid to sofas hiding a bed and drawers.

Furthermore, these objects become vital if you’re residing in a small flat where every inch counts to navigate around and feel like your space is bigger than it is.


Having a cluttered home is never pleasant, especially if you have some guests coming over, so having extra storage space is essential to keep your interior fresh and welcoming. It’s even better for you, as no one enjoys living in a tip.

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