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White vessel sink and other décor ideas for your bathroom

You can imagine any traditional bathroom theme with the color white. After all, it is timeless, pure, elegant, and classic. And then, you get so many features, right from sinks, tiles, tubs, and toilets, in this shade. Nowadays, homeowners have become bit experimental with their choices, and hence, white may not be the only choice for them. You can still take advantage of this palette to create the coveted décor style in your cozy corner. For this, the range of ceramic vessel sinks can come in handy. If you have been using a drop-in or undermount model, it’s time to transition to the latest vessel models.

Using sinks for bathrooms in modern vessel style can reflect your fashion signature. You can place one even in an ordinary bathroom to witness the transformation of its personality. Indeed, they are stylish in every sense. But their real beauty is the oodles of simplicity they demonstrate. You can use a white vessel sink as an accent or a focal point of the décor to give shape to your dream bathroom. There is no shortage of options when it comes to colors and materials of the vessel sinks. Still, going with a white ceramic bowl can feel special.

The shiny ceramic surface looks luxurious and resplendent, producing a creative urge to get innovative with your bathroom interiors. Whether you go for a plain white sink in square, rectangular, or oval shape, it is your decision. While the first two geometric designs may be simple, you can select a white oval vessel sink in ceramic for its inside or outside textures to add a dramatic touch. It can only strengthen your vision for your future bathroom. If you were already planning for a full-scale upgrade with a vessel sink in theme, here are a few things that you may consider for a successful redesigning effort. So, let’s delve into them at once.

Bathroom walls

A bathroom where space is at a premium may require a careful and thoughtful design approach. Walls can play a huge role in this. Using a darker shade on the wall and crowding it with towel racks and floor-to-ceiling tiles can make your area look smaller. So, the idea must be to create an illusion of spaciousness. For this, light or neutral shades on the walls can do the trick. If you want to make a statement, choose small tiles with details or an animated wallpaper to achieve your goal. The backsplash behind the sink can wear a contrasting color tone for a unique charm.

Since it is a white ceramic vessel sink, you don’t need to restrict your imagination about the backsplash. You can lend it a creative character.

As for extensive scale upgrades, including a master bath, you can select a striking color to match the energy of your tile flooring. Darker shades are in vogue. If you have a spacious bathroom, you can embrace any deeper wall colors without hesitation. Put a ladder against the wall close to the sink or shower area for hanging towels. You can opt for this stylish addition, ditching wall-mounted towel bars, rings, or racks. There can be floating shelves above the toilet to elevate the appeal of the wall.


Adding storage space to a small bathroom can be painful. You cannot place an oversized vanity with a countertop in the already cramped up area as it will further create crowding. Instead, look for a little vanity cabinet that can give the perfect treatment to a gorgeous vessel sink like white ceramic. The shelf beneath can carry your towels and cosmetics. Above this sink area can go a large mirror. Mirrors create a sense of openness. Hence, your bathroom can appear bigger. If you prefer a worn-out look, install an antique dresser with the countertop vessel sink. The whole space will become the focal point.

In a significantly large bathroom, you can extend your design choices a bit more. You can plan for a double sink vanity. Choose something that boasts of a reclaimed wood countertop. The shelves below can fit baskets to help you organize your daily use items. This look can feel complete when you incorporate a luxurious large mirror.

Bathtub or shower

Most people find it baffling to choose between a tub and a shower. In a small bathroom, having a shower can be convenient. It doesn’t need much space. If you are ready to splurge on an expensive renovation, there is an opportunity to make your bath space look bigger. You can bring sliding glass doors and do away with the shower curtain. Since it is transparent, the area can feel roomy. Also, make a place for natural light by adding windows to increase brightness in the bathroom.

A luxurious master bath deserves an incredible walk-in shower and a separate bathtub area. If it is a modest remodeling budget, you can replace the shower curtain with a full-length glass wall. It can give your master bath an upscale vibe while preventing water from coming outside the shower area. The tub can have claws; you can paint its exteriors to enhance its wow factor.

Interior decorators would typically tell you to drop shower curtain ideas and go for a glass wall or door for the bath area. Nearby can be a stylish white sink with an attractive vessel sink faucet. You can decorate the walls with sconces for a dapper look. Make sure these lighting fixtures are the same finish as the shower and tub features.

Essentially, when it comes to revamping or correcting a bathroom, you don’t have to feel worried. There are endless options to choose from for every budget. And then, with them, you can imagine any bathroom in its best shape and form regardless of the size. If all the elements coordinate, you can get a coveted uniform-looking bathroom design. So, what are you waiting for now? You can combine a white vessel sink with distinct features amidst the well-curated surroundings to give your bathroom the desired twist.

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