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Wholesome Trends For Spring 2022

Cottagecore—a simple, wholesome lifestyle, fashion, and interior trend inspired by the rural life and characterized by a desire to create, mend, and reuse rather than endlessly consume—has been on the rise in the past decade and has been augmented by the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting temporary closure of most physical shops. This trend isn’t going anywhere, and if you want in, here are some wholesome fashion and interior design ideas inspired by the cottagecore esthetic for you to explore this spring.

Mixed throw pillows

Throw pillows form an essential part of simple, wholesome interior décor. They are fantastic for both decoration and comfort, and one great way to style your throw pillows is to mix monochrome and patterned pillows in similar colors, as shown in these pictures on the Wovn Home website. Interior décor expert Rebekah Dempsey suggests decorating small chairs and couches with an odd number of pillows and longer couches and sectionals with an even number of pillows, such as two at each end. Another tip that Dempsey gives is to switch up your pillows for every season, and for the spring, you might want to choose bright or pastel colors, floral patterns, and perhaps even some Easter-themed pillows.

Patterned maxi dresses

Modest maxi dresses are a great way to stay cool during warm spring days while maintaining the flexibility of being able to add a jacket, a hat, a scarf, tights, and boots if the weather changes. For a true nod to rural life in the spirit of cottagecore, choose pastel colors and subtle patterns, such as gingham or small flowers. The ultimate wholesome dress? A cheesecloth dress with puff shoulders! Just add a woven basket, and you will look like a character straight out of Little House On The Prairie.

Woolen blankets

A great way to complement your colorful throw pillows is to get yourself a few understated woolen blankets to drape over the arm of your armchairs and couches. Don’t be afraid of plain colors such as grey or beige; they will go with everything in your house and add a homely touch without overpowering the room. You can choose soft blankets such as this tartan organic wool blanket, or you can go for coarser ones to add a bit of texture to the room and give it an extra-rustic feel.

Dried flowers and grasses

You can’t say the word ‘rural’ without thinking of the wildflowers and grasses that grow in abundance in the countryside. One of the prettiest home décor trends of recent years is that of putting a bunch of dried flowers and grasses in a simple vase and using them to decorate your house. Again, even if you are buying your flowers and grasses already dried, you can switch them up according to the seasons—which is, after all, what you would probably do if you were drying them yourself.

Dried flowers don’t need watering and are much better for the environment than buying a new bunch of cut flowers every few days!

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