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How the TV Show ‘Mindhunter’ Has Influenced the Society Today

The year 2020 did change how people go about their daily lives in almost every aspect. From entertainment to how to work with each other, everything did experience a shift in normalcy. Recent data from a renowned intelligence organization known as Conviva revealed that the traffic on the different streaming platforms saw a surge of about 63%.

This data is in comparison to the statistics back in 2019. It makes a lot of sense why people would be spending most of their time glued to their TVs since now, most people are working remotely, which leaves a lot of time to spare. But how is this recent change in TV time changing how society relates as a unit?

The Societal Influence

You may wonder if this is true for daily life, and you’d be right to do so. Is it realistic to take a work of fiction and turn it into reality? The answer to that question lies in the recent statistics that show that TV shows have a significant impact on how people dress, talk, and eat. They can also influence your choice of a travel destination as well as personal opinions. 

It isn’t strange to find that some of these shows change how you think and see things. Since more people are spending a great deal of time on the different streaming platforms, it makes sense to see that the film industry is putting in more work to crank out content that the audience will love. They seek to create shows that will impact all of society and not just a section of viewers. 

In the opinion of Flávia Mendonça, it is a realistic goal, looking at it from a successful point of view. Mendonça is a student at the University of Brasilia taking up a Masters’s course in Sociology. In the specialist’s words, many market research has established the link that places these TV shows into the limelight of societal opinion. 

Modern streaming platforms have algorithms that identify the preferences of a consumer, and using the information they get, they can source shows that the user is likely to find more appealing. This means that there isn’t any need for innovation since it is already common knowledge about what brings out the success of a TV show.

The Mindhunter TV Series

A more in-depth look into the Mindhunter series shows the viewers a much more elaborate outlook into what lengths some of the most infamous killers go. From this how you can understand the characteristics of a serial killer and all their patterns. 

The show doesn’t focus on solving crimes; instead, just showing us how these people’s minds work. This show is known to cause a significant shift in how society views their actions and helps people understand how best to handle themselves for their safety. 

Perhaps the reason behind this show’s success is embedded in the fact that it tells the story of both the killer and law enforcement. It shows the amount of work that goes into tracking down these killers and keeping them away from society. A good example is Charles Manson, who had the edge over people’s minds such that he would influence them to commit gruesome crimes.

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