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Preferred online casino games by country

While we know that cultural differences between countries are often quite large in some respects, few people would think that there are big differences in the way they gamble at online casinos. However, this is something that becomes very clear when we compare the games in which players from different countries spend their time in the same casino, with an identical offer of games for all countries and where the only difference we can find is based on the tastes and preferences of the players.

Poker is American

Americans, despite the fact that online gambling is prohibited in most states of the country, are big fans of poker. So much so that the United States is considered the cradle of poker par excellence, hosting the most important poker series worldwide: the World Series of Poker, held every year in Las Vegas. However, they are not the type of players who would spend hours at a roulette table. We could say that Americans, for example, tend to prefer card games or slot machines.

Asians tend to prefer slots

Although there is a difference between some countries on the Asian continent, the vast majority of countries show a preference for slot games where they can get big prizes. A few years ago, these were countries that did not play much online, since many of these countries had a great tradition of going to gambling establishments, as in the case of the Japanese with Pachinko parlors. It is something striking, since despite the fact that gambling for money is forbidden in the country, they have the main cities of the country full of Pachinko machine gambling halls. Also, in recent years many online casinos have started to promote their websites in the Japanese market, due to the fact that there is a growing interest in these games on the part of the Japanese. Even in the last few years there has been such an increase that a large number of websites have appeared offering specific information about online casinos that accept Japanese players (an example that we can find by doing a quick search on the Internet is  Although in other languages they have been around for a long time, in Japanese we are starting to see a big increase in the last few years.

Live casino for Europeans

One thing that European players love is live casino games, such as live blackjack or live roulette. Many are more suspicious, so they have the false feeling that if they play live casino games they will not be cheated. In no case will the casino cheat you, neither playing live casino games nor playing traditional casino games, since the spins are previously generated and have to pass different quality controls that ensure the randomness of the plays by the regulators. Therefore, whether you play live or traditional games, you do not have to be afraid of being cheated if you have chosen a reliable and safe casino.

The best way not to make a mistake and to be able to play with guarantees is to go to regulated online casinos, which have a recognized gambling license, as is the case of the licenses of Curaçao and Gibraltar, among others. The simple fact of having a gaming license issued by one of these countries assures us that the casino has had to pass a series of controls before being able to offer its services in the international market, so we can be more sure that it will not be a casino that tries to cheat the players or to keep their money. 

We also recommend that you use payment methods where you can request a refund in case of scam, since many online casinos offer payments only through cryptocurrencies because there is no way to get that money back if the casino does not want to pay it to the player. This is a problem, since casinos that only offer this type of deposits and withdrawals could take all the players’ money and disappear, since they are not usually casinos that have a valid gambling license issued by any of the most internationally recognized countries for their effort in offering a healthy gambling environment where the player is protected by regulations.

Finally, we recommend you to find out about the casino you want to try on the internet before depositing in it, as well as requesting any welcome bonus they may offer to test the platform before depositing your own money.

In reality the percentage of casinos that turn out to be a scam is very low, but if we also take the precautions mentioned above, we will be practically safe from any deception or scam by these fraudulent casinos that try to capture the money of inexperienced players who are not aware that they can lose their money even if they manage to win with the casino games.

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