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5 Tips To Lower Your TV Bill

Does it seem like your TV bill keeps going up year after year without any relief in sight? Everyone complains about the cost of TV nowadays and it’s understandable you want to lower your cable TV service bill back down to reality. Whether your bill increases by $5 or $20, you do have options when it comes to lowering your TV bill. From asking for a discount, to bundling your services and negotiating for a better monthly rate; here are five tips you can use to lower your TV bill. Put money back into your pocket and let’s get started.

1. Bundle Your TV & Internet

Another way you can lower the cost of TV is to bundle your TV and internet service together through one service provider. Most TV providers offer discounted rates to their customers when they subscribe to more than one service. By bundling your TV and Internet, you could save anywhere between $10-$50 a month on services you’re already getting separately elsewhere.

Conversely if you shop around you may find that unbundling your TV and internet services yield you cheaper rates. If you decide to go this route, make sure the service you leave behind doesn’t go up as a result of breaking the bundle.

2. Switch To A Cheaper TV Package

Does your family watch all the channels available in your current channel package? If not, there may be a cheaper option. Your TV provider likely offers multiple channel package options to choose from and your current package may have a lot of nonsense channels your family doesn’t even care about!  You’ll just have to make sure your family can still access their favorite channels and TV shows if you downgrade to a cheaper TV package.

3. Cancel Premium Channels

Do you have premium channels added onto your TV bill? If so, you could be adding up to fifteen dollars more to your bill per channel!  If you’re not watching them, then it’s time to cancel them. Even if you do watch them, you can always temporarily say goodbye while your favorite TV show is wrapped up for the season. You can always change your mind later if you truly miss the option of a particular premium channel.

4. Ask About Discounts

If you’re already on the phone with your TV service provider’s customer service team, ask them about discounts while you’re on the line. Many TV providers have special discounts for seniors, military, health care workers and students. If your TV provider has any of these types of discounts, it’s unlikely that they’ll advertise it. To claim your discount, you just have to ask!

5. Negotiate For A Better Monthly Rate

This is probably the most underutilized tip because negotiating for a better monthly rate takes time that many people don’t have to spend on the phone. However, if you’ve tried everything else, it may be worth giving your TV provider a call. Sometimes your TV provider’s customer service team has better offers and deals they can offer you over the phone verses on an online chat. You might be surprised at what kind of options or special deals they can offer you.

Even if it seems like the customer service team doesn’t have any options to ease up on your monthly rate, don’t give up. They may have some extra perks they can throw your way to keep you as a customer like premium channels, increase in internet speed or a special deal you’re not currently taking advantage of. If you’ve been a good customer who pays their bill on time and has been around for a while, they don’t want to lose you. You may have to pretend to cancel to get the deal you’ve been looking for.

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