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A Guide to the Different Types of Tow Trucks

Whether you have a stalled car or need to move a vehicle, a tow truck can be a lifesaver. But do you know which kind is right for your needs? The answer will vary depending on the level of damage to a vehicle and the distance to be traveled.

Read on to find a guide to the different types of tow trucks!

Hook-and-Chain Tow Truck

Did you get into a car accident? There’s a good chance you’ll call for a tow truck that uses a hook-and-chain system. This is particularly true if your car has sustained damage or is beyond repair.

The hook-and-chain tow truck suspends the front portion of a car while leaving the back wheels on the pavement. This means there is a risk of additional damage to the bumper during the transporting process.

Rollback Truck

A rollback truck may be better known as a flatbed truck. These tow trucks have a bed fortified by hydraulic lifts that allow the bed to bend and tilt as needed. The entire bed can be angled to reach the ground.

For vehicles that have been in a severe car accident, this makes it easier to load them onto the truck. Rollback tow trucks are also a great choice if you’re moving out of state and need an efficient way to transport a car.

Car Hauler Trailer

For multiple vehicles, a car hauler trailer makes the most sense. These larger trailers are equipped with ramps and hydraulics to load cars on two levels. You may see as many as nine cars carefully secured to a car carrier truck.

You can expect to find these trailers on the highways transporting cars from manufacturing plants to dealerships. Additionally, car hauler trailers have become a popular way to transport cars for individuals moving across state lines. That way, the car won’t amass wear and tear and mileage from making a long drive.

Wheel-Lift Tow Truck

When moving a car a short distance, a wheel-lift tow truck may be the answer. Like a hook-and-chain tow truck, the wheel-lift option keeps one end of the vehicle on the ground.

Wheel-lift tow trucks tend to be less expensive than flatbed tow trucks. They’re smaller, too, meaning you will want to limit using them to motorcycles and passenger vehicles.

Medium-Duty Tow Truck

For instances where moving machinery or heavy equipment is necessary, a smaller hook-and-chain tow truck might not have the capacity. That’s where a medium-duty truck offers an upgrade and the flexibility to reconfigure its setup.

These trucks also can handle RVs and commercial vehicles, like buses. While each truck is different, some medium-duty options can carry up to 45,000 pounds.

Learn About the Different Types of Tow Trucks

Knowing about the types of tow trucks enables you to choose the right one for the job. Turn to hook-and-chain and wheel-lift trucks for lighter jobs where damage to the towed vehicle isn’t a concern. Choose a rollback truck, car hauler, or medium-duty truck for larger operations.

Find more tips to make transportation easier. Check back soon for new articles!

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