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A Guide for Buying Tickets Online

Grabbing yourself some tickets to go and see your favorite artist, band, or theater play can be very exciting, especially now everything is getting back to normal after the pandemic.

Buying online is often the go-to now when it comes to plenty of things, and this includes tickets.

The downside to this is it is much more easier to get scammed. Whether this could be with a duplicated ticket or someone accessing the details they need to pretend to turn up as you, there are a couple of ways that you could get ripped off. That being said, if you follow this helpful guide and only go ahead with transactions you trust, you can avoid any unfortunate events happening to you. Read on to find out more.

Trust the Site You Are Buying From

As with buying anything online, making sure you are using a trusted website is essential. If you do have malware software set up on your phone and computer, it should tell you if something does not seem quite right. This is just one form of protection but not adequate by itself. To avoid any issues, buy directly from the vendor or verified third parties so you know that you are getting a genuine ticket. If you find that you want to get a ticket second-hand or through a resale, there are reputable vendors that can also do this. Just make sure to check box office ticket reviews to see for yourself.

Sign Up to a Mailing List

A great way to find out about up-and-coming shows is to subscribe to a members list. This could be for a specific band or show that you want to watch live or with a ticket seller who can keep you up to date with what is coming up. Not only will you get reminders, but you might also get deals such as early bird discounts too.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Just because a show has sold out does not mean that will be the end of any hope. People’s circumstances change, and people sell on their tickets, which means you still have a chance of going to the show you really want to see. You should be able to sign up to trusted reseller sites to be informed if a ticket becomes available or look on places such as Facebook. However, be sure to be extra cautious with this as you can get scammed.

Set Yourself a Timer

Buying a ticket online instead of getting up early to camp out in a queue in the freezing cold for hours might be more convenient. However, it does come with its own set of issues. This could be anything from the server being completely clogged with requests or something as simple as you missing the time they go on sale. Only one of those things is within your control, so make sure to set yourself a timer so you are absolutely ready to hit that buy button when the time is right.

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