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10 Best Biscuits Brands in the USA

Biscuits are a beloved treat in the USA, and there are countless biscuit brands available in the market. Some biscuits and brands stand out because of their quality and taste.


In this blog, we will discuss the 10 best biscuit brands in the USA.

1. Pepperidge Farm

Pepperidge Farm is a well-known brand that offers a wide range of biscuits. It includes their iconic Milano cookies and classic buttery crackers. Made with high-quality ingredients these biscuits are perfect for snacking and evening tea time with family.

Pepperidge Farm

Overall, Pepperidge Farm is a great choice for anyone looking for delicious and high-quality biscuits. With a wide variety of flavours and types to choose from, as well as a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, Pepperidge Farm is a brand that biscuit lovers can feel good about supporting.

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2. Keebler

Keebler is an American brand that specializes in baked goods, including a variety of biscuits.

Keebler’s biscuit offerings include classic flavours like butter, cheddar cheese, and saltine crackers. As well as more unique and seasonal flavours like gingerbread and fudge stripes. The company also offers a variety of biscuit types, including sandwich crackers and cookies.


One thing that sets Keebler biscuits apart is their whimsical and playful packaging and branding. The company leverages its “Elf” mascot (which is very well known) for product marketing and advertising campaigns.

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3. Nabisco

The American brand, Nabisco, was founded in 1898 as a small bakery, that produces a wide variety of biscuits and cookies. Nabisco is short for National Biscuit Company


Nabisco’s biscuit offerings include classic flavours like Ritz crackers, Oreo cookies, and Chips Ahoy!, as well as more unique and seasonal flavours like pumpkin spice Oreos and candy cane Oreos. The company also offers a variety of biscuit types, including sandwich cookies, wafer cookies, and crackers.

One thing that sets Nabisco biscuits apart is their wide variety of flavours and types. The company is known for constantly innovating and introducing new flavours and products to the market.

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4. Walkers

Walkers is a Scottish brand that specializes in producing high-quality biscuits and cookies. The company was founded in 1898 by Joseph Walker and has been family-owned and operated ever since.


Walkers’ biscuit offerings include classic flavours like shortbread and oatcakes, as well as more unique and seasonal flavours like stem ginger and chocolate chip. The company also offers a variety of biscuit types, including rounds, fingers, and thins.

With a wide variety of flavours and types to choose from, as well as a commitment to using only the finest ingredients and sustainable practices, Walkers is a brand that biscuit lovers can feel good about supporting.

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5. Lotus Biscoff

Lotus Biscoff is a Belgian company that makes a distinctive sort of biscuit known as a Biscoff biscuit or speculoos. These biscuits have a distinct and wonderful flavour due to a combination of cinnamon and other spices. These biscuits are used in dessert and baking apart from being enjoyed as an individual snack.

Lotus Biscoff

To use these biscuits as crusts for pies, cheesecakes or muffins, you just need to crush them by hand or a crusher. They value quality and sustainability, as well as having a distinct and enticing flavour.

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6. Tate’s Bake Shop

In addition to their chocolate chip cookies, Tate’s also produces a variety of other cookie flavours, including oatmeal raisin, ginger, and peanut butter. They also offer a range of biscuit flavours, including their popular buttery and crispy shortbread.


To ensure the quality and texture of the cookies, the company takes great care of their baking process. Tate’s only use the finest ingredients and products sourced from local producers to bake their delicious biscuits.


7. Belvita

Mondelez International produces Belvita biscuits, which are a sort of breakfast biscuit. Originally introduced in Europe in 2010, this brand got quickly popular in the American market in 2012.


Belvita uses whole grains ingredients such as wheat, oats and barley as the core of their biscuits. These biscuits are also very rich in vitamins and fibre. They are a great source of energy and a quick fix for hunger.

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8. Royal Dansk

The Royal Dansk brand is well-known and trusted by consumers around the world.

Mostly used as gifts in the holiday season, they are quite popular in families for a quick snack time. The blue tin packaging is not only iconic but also keeps the biscuits fresh for a long time.

Royal Dansk

Royal Dansk offers a range of products in addition to its traditional butter cookies, including chocolate chip cookies, chocolate wafers, and a variety of seasonal offerings. They are available in grocery stores and online retailers worldwide, making it easy for anyone to enjoy these classic Danish butter cookies.


9. McVitie’s

McVitie’s is a British brand of biscuits that have been in production since the 19th century.

The brand is known for its wide range of biscuits that come in different flavours and shapes, making them suitable for a variety of occasions and preferences.


Some of the most popular McVitie’s biscuits include Digestives, Hobnobs, Rich Tea, and Jaffa Cakes. Digestives are one of the most famous biscuits from McVitie’s, made with whole wheat flour, sugar, and vegetable oil, and known for their slightly sweet and salty taste.

Hobnobs, on the other hand, are crunchy biscuits made from rolled oats and wholemeal flour, giving them a nutty and wholesome flavour.

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10. Annie’s Homegrown

Another premium and beloved biscuit brand are Annie’s Homegrown – a brand that offers organic and natural snacks, including delicious bunny-shaped crackers.

Annie’s Homegrown

Their variety of flavours and textures ensure that there is Annie’s Homegrown biscuit for everyone, making them a household name in the world of biscuits.


In conclusion, the 10 best biscuit brands in the USA discussed in this blog offer a wide range of options catering to different tastes and preferences. Whether you prefer traditional buttery biscuits or healthy breakfast biscuits, there is a brand out there for you. Always remember to prioritize quality and taste when choosing a biscuit brand and experiment with different flavours and shapes to add variety to your snacking.

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Q1. Which is the best brand of Biscuits?

Annie’s Homegrown Flaky Organic Biscuits
Mason Dixie’s Scratch Made Biscuits
Pillsbury’s Grand Buttermilk Biscuits
Immaculate Baking Co.:
Signature Select’s Jumbo Butter Biscuits

Q2. What is the oldest biscuit brand?

Britannia Industries Limited

Q3. Which brand biscuits are gluten free?

Extra White Gold
Judee’s Gluten Free
Tate’s Bakes

Q4. Which of biscuits brands are not suitable for vegans?

Oreo Cakesters are also not vegan as the soft-baked cake sandwiches with a creme filling contains both milk and eggs. 

Q5. Which company produces Caramel Wafers and Teacakes?


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