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Best Practices to Create A Wedding Hashtag Wall

Wedding day is the busiest day for the couple and their family members. They leave no stone unturned to make the most out of this day and never leave a single opportunity to capture the beautiful memories; after all, it is a once-in-a-lifetime day.

Wedding hashtags are a commonly known trend, and almost every wedding has its unique hashtag, intimate for the couple. Couples encourage their guests to use the hashtag whenever they post about or around their wedding on social media.

You must be planning to do the same for your wedding day, and you must have chosen a hashtag too, but what’s so unique about it? Isn’t that something almost every couple is doing?

Allow us to introduce you to the concept of a wedding hashtag wall.


What Is A Wedding Hashtag Wall?

A wedding hashtag wall is an interactive and vibrant tool that you can use on your wedding day to display social media feeds curated with content created by your wedding guests using your unique wedding hashtag.

The wedding hashtag wall enables you to create a fun, exciting, and memorable wedding wall. All it takes is a social media aggregator tool that can collect the social media content using your wedding hashtag. You get to moderate the social feed to present refreshing content to your wedding guests.

Many wedding hashtag walls also come with themes, designs, and customization options to create a vibrant wedding wall. The goal is to provide the wedding guests with something eye-catching and engaging to keep them hooked throughout the wedding.

Best Practices to Create A Wedding Hashtag Wall

●       Pick A Unique & Memorable Hashtag

One thing you must make sure of is to choose an easy-to-remember wedding hashtag. It may sound a little stressful, but once you land on a unique one, you will already be done with half of your job.

Remember, when we say unique, we mean a hashtag no one has used before. You can even cross-check on social media platforms or, you might end up receiving other people’s wedding posts on your wedding wall.

Don’t forget to make sure your wedding guests are completely aware of the wedding hashtags. Because if that goes wrong, the social media aggregator won’t be able to collect those posts.

●       Exciting Ways To Tell Your Guests About The Hashtag

Now that you have chosen your unique wedding hashtag, it’s time to spread the word, and there are some fun and exciting ways to do so.

If you have a wedding website, you know that’s your first destination to introduce your wedding hashtag. The next step is to share it on social media.

You can create captivating templates with the couple’s picture and the wedding hashtag and use them on all your pre-wedding content. Not to forget, adding it to your wedding invitation will ensure that it has reached every guest.

●       Start Posting Before The Wedding

Just like there are behind the scenes for every event, there can be a lot of engaging pre-wedding content related to wedding preparations that you wish to share with your guests.

Make sure that each time you post, you use your unique wedding hashtag, as that increases the chances of your wedding guests using it. It will also ensure that you have some highly engaging content to display on the social wall on big screens even before the wedding has started.

●       Use A Social Media Aggregator

Now that you have created every opportunity to maximize your wedding content to display on your wedding hashtag wall, it’s time to bring in a social media aggregator tool. It will collect all the content on social media via your wedding hashtag.

Social media aggregator makes it easy to collect all the content and curate them into a wedding social media feed. You further get a moderation feature to filter out irrelevant posts.

You also get to customize your wedding social media feed using several filters, fonts, templates, etc., to create a wedding hashtag wall that will add flawlessly to your wedding’s ambiance.

●       Choose Where To Display The Wedding Wall

When it comes to choosing where to place your wedding hashtag wall, only you can decide that as you know what will work for your wedding. If it is a small wedding, you can have a smaller display to run your wedding hashtag wall.

If your wedding is on a larger scale, you can have multiple displays at different areas of the venue to make sure all your guests are engaged. Another thing to make sure of is whether you want to keep the display on throughout the wedding or you want to turn it off in between.

The best part about a social wall is that it is live and responsive, so whatever your wedding plans may be, it seamlessly adapts to all your display needs.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

It’s a wrap from our side which means that it’s time for you to unwrap this new wedding discovery called the wedding hashtag wall.

It can be a perfect wedding day embellishment to create, live and relive the day you tied the knot with your soulmate.

So! If you plan to incorporate the wedding wall in your wedding, don’t forget to follow these best practices!

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