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Top 11 CCTV camera brands in India

CCTV cameras have become a common presence in all public places in India from restaurants, schools, hotels, etc for safety purposes. It helps to reduce crimes and allows for a peaceful and safe environment in the public domain. With a boom in digitalization, CCTV cameras have become a very popular tool for safeguarding our houses, businesses, and place of work. Markets are full of different brands of CCTVs that varies both in features and price. Finding the right CCTV camera for personal use depends on the user to user.

One might get confused by the amount of information and inventory available in the marketplace and this could easily lead to confusion as to which brand of CCTV camera is the best fit for their use. The Indian market offers tons of variety of branded CCTV for customers which are available in a different price range to cater to individual customer’s needs. Here listed below are the top 11 CCTV camera brands in India to help you find the perfect CCTV camera brand in your set budget.


This is among the best and leading brands of CCTV cameras in India and it is manufactured in china. With excellent proficient quality camera lenses, this security device is the best buy CCTV camera in the Indian market. The selling point of this amazing camera is the auto-zoom focus lens which gives it an elegant touch and keeps it ahead of its competitors. These are available in series of economical dome IP cameras to high-performance PTZ cameras. The starting price range of this CCTV camera is from Rs 1200 to 13000. This brand has become the global leader in CCTV cameras and surveillance technology and was founded in the year 2001.


This security device comes with a cheeky tagline of Upar Wala Sab Dekh Raha Hai. CP Plus is among the most popular brand that produces a variety of CCTV cameras in different sizes, shapes, colors, and lenses. One could easily choose from a variety of CCTV camera options of this brand featuring megapixel options, covert security cameras, HD varieties, and LCD monitors. These cameras are available from Rs 1200 to Rs 16000 in both market and online .known as the global leaders in advanced and security solutions CP Plus is the perfect brand choice for buying CCTV cameras in India.

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ZICOM has more than two decades of experience in the field and is involved in different aspects of security services from importing, installing an electronic security system, etc for both commercial and industrial establishments as well as for household purposes. It is among the most reliable brand for CCTV cameras in the Indian market.


Samsung is among the few brands in India which almost everyone is aware of. Known for its durability factors Samsung CCTV cameras offer a variety of security surveillance cameras with different features. Very popular and reasonable the normal price range of Samsung CCTV camera begins from Rs 6000.

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Sony is among the most trustworthy brands in India and offers cost-effective cameras with full HD quality picturization with maximum clarity .auto focus and zoom are added features of this brand of CCTV cameras. One could also buy fixed analog cameras for safeguarding their premises’


Undoubtedly the best CCTV camera comes from this brand. Available in a variety of specimen such as video surveillance, intrusion, detection, fire detection, and voice alarm, as well as access control and management systems the CCTV cameras manufactured by this brand is complete and flexible.

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This company is slowly gaining the Indian market shares by offering high-security solutions with their camera resolutions of 1080p and a 2 MP dome. The company offers similar features in their CCTV cameras as other brands in the market apart from the fact that they offer metal coating in some of their products.


This brand is relatively cheaper than many branded CCTV Camera Company but their products are of reliable quality. What sets this brand apart from other brands available are features such as low light recording, night cameras, etc.


Formerly owned by Schneider Electric this brand of CCTV camera offers excellent video surveillance systems with the extraordinary performance for both indoor and outdoor. The brand is customer friendly and takes note of all the customers’ requirements on board to offer great customer services.


Manufactured by an American company that makes consumer products this brand is among the well known CCTV camera brand in the Indian market.


This major brand that manufactures a variety of CCTV cameras is from analog cameras, IP cameras, recorders, encoders, etc. The brand offers compatible CCTV cameras with high-quality technology for different environments with its 360-degree cameras. Panasonic offers its customers a 1-year warranty on their CCTV cameras and the starting price of this brand of CCTV camera is from 3000.

Since the installation of CCTV cameras has become mandatory as per law having a good quality CCTV camera is important to get value for your investment. Available in different modes like recording only, recording with sound effects, hidden CCTV cameras, and wireless cameras and so on these cameras are very handy and useful in reducing the crime level prevailing in our country. These are used in the home to small scale, medium scale, and also large scale industries to bring in sense of security in the place.

The above-mentioned brands for CCTV cameras are among the best CCTV cameras in the Indian market and you can choose the one that suits your needs the best. A CCTV camera usually monitors the interior and exterior of a property which helps to eradicate burglary. It helps to reduce your insurance cost and risk is lowered.

Nowadays CCTV cameras are available at cost-effective rates. But to choose the best brand keep in the mind the brand, expertise, cost-effectiveness and after-sale services to get the best value for your investments.

Another aspect that makes CCTV cameras stands out and more reliable in the future years, great video quality, facial recognition, and technical advancements. So make use of the above information and choose the brand that catches your eye and meets your security requirements.

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