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Top 11 Coffee Brands in India

Life without coffee is something a lot of people cannot imagine. And why should you when India produces such high-quality coffee beans which are exported all over the world as well. A lot of people cannot start their day without their coffee and whether you wish to drink something while you are stressed out or you would like to have a lazy day; coffee has always been the favourite companion of many. With such locally grown coffee from all over India, you get plenty of choices when it comes to coffee and what you want.    

Everyone has their favourite. From single estate coffees to coffees which you could make in a jiffy, the options are endless. There is coffee for every coffee lover. There are so many brands out there that you could go for. From boutique brands to many corporate companies, coffee is slowly entering not just the modern household but every aspect of everyday life as well.

There are café chains too where you could go for the perfect cup of coffee. There are baristas who would provide you with quality coffee and you would be mesmerised by the aroma and the taste of the beans. There are so many ways by which you would be able to take your coffee by brewing it in different ways. Here are the top 11 coffee brands that you could go for and have a great time tasting pure unadulterated happiness. 

1. Blue Tokai:

Blue Tokai coffee

The name comes from the tail of a peacock and is an ancient word. And this name or the tail name has become a coffee brand which is an artisanal coffee brand based in Delhi. Blue Tokai as a coffee brand has gained a lot of fame and is one of the most preferred brands by a lot of people. Lacking freshly ground coffee in Delhi, Matt and Namrata came with this concept and was an attempt in bringing good quality coffee to North India. To clients across India, they send custom coffee beans that have been freshly roasted. They roast coffees twice a week and they have monthly subscriptions that you could opt for or go for single orders. The coffee is made of 100% Arabica beans and is dark, oaky and faintly fruitful. 

2. The Flying Squirrel:

The Flying Squirrel

This brand came into the market in 2013 and from there it never had to look back. It is one of the most preferred online coffee supplying brands that you could go for. Most of the coffee for this brand comes from Coorg where the Nellikad estate is located. One of the most common animals you would see here would be the flying squirrel and this is where the brand got its name from. You would get six varieties of coffees blends with this brand and the 6 pack that it has is the best way by which you would be explore everything the brand has to offer you.  

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3. Seven Beans Coffee:

Seven Beans Coffee

This is a collaboration between Italian Master Roaster Dr Dante Cagliari and the coffee growers in India, the Shetty’s. They would provide you with the best cup of coffee and you should try it once. They grow their coffee independently in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. They provide you with perfectly roasted coffee and one cup of coffee in the morning would help you have a fresh start to the day. 

4. Lavazza:

Lavazza coffee

This brand was founded in the year 1895 in Turin, Italy. The founder was Luigi Lavazza. Today the brand is run by the third and fourth generations. Their coffee is often imported from various sources and is blended by masters from all over the world. This is a very popular brand in Italy and has gained a lot of popularity in India as well.  

5. Starbucks:

Starbucks coffee

This is an American based company which was founded in the year 1971. Worldwide today, the company has more than 26,000 outlets. Starbucks first opened its outlet in India in Mumbai at the Elphinstone building at Horniman Circle. It has now spread in various parts of India. The Ground House Blend of Starbucks has the flavours of cocoa and nuts and you would love it after the enriching roasting procedure. 

6. Nescafe:

Nescafe coffee

This is a household name and provides you with instant coffees. And it has been ruling the market in India for more than countable years now. It is a company based in Switzerland but has a very strong base in India. From Nestle Classic, Nestle Sunrise and the Nestle cappuccino, these are some of the best sellers. 

7. Davidoff:

Davidoff coffee

This brand was founded in 1980 as a business group which would cater to premium luxury products. Though it started with fragrances, it has now branched out and they are now providing the customers with high-quality coffee as well. With a mellow finish, it has an intense flavour that you must try. 

8. Bru:

Bru coffee

This is another household name when it comes to the Indian household. This is a brand which was launched by Hindustan Lever and is one of the best when it comes to providing good coffee including instant coffee to the people. 

9. Café Coffee Day:

Café Coffee Day

CCD or Café Coffee Day is a well-known face in the world of coffee and Indian customers. And today it has a very strong presence in 6 countries. The company not only grows and processes its own coffee but also manufactures its own coffee machines. 

10. The Indian Bean:

The Indian Bean coffee

They provide and promote good quality Indian coffee to everyone. They are reasonable and you would surely enjoy the rich aroma and the freshly brewed coffee. 

11. The Coffee Co:

The Coffee Co

This brand started in 2013 and used to offer only two blends. But now they have six blends that you should try. 

Thus, these are some of the top coffee brands that you should try and you would fall in love with them. The freshly brewed coffee that would often be custom packed would be sent to you. Keep the coffee tightly packed after opening the packet so that the freshness and the aroma stay intact. 

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