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Top 11 Mattress Brands In India

After a very tiring day, it is very important to cultivate yourself and make yourself ready to face new challenges the next day for that you need to have a good sleep. A good mattress will give you the best sleep that you are always searching for.

The brands are trying to provide the best and comfortable mattresses so that you can sleep tight and rejuvenate your body cells. As per your requirement, you should choose the mattresses from the best company.

Here are the top 11 mattress brands in India which will give you the best idea about the different mattresses. They are as follows:

1. Sleep Company

Sleep Company produces very comfortable mattresses. It is perfect for one’s body shape and it gives support to the body where it is needed. It is ideal to use in different climates and does not get damaged easily. It helps to keep the spine straight, best for spine problem people.

The company has produced a new type of mattress that is a smart grid mattress. This mattress is purely made with a hyper-elastic polymer. The airflow through the mattress is very good due to the grid structure in the mattress. After various tests, it is proved that the mattress is best for people who have back pain or problem in the spine.

2. Sleepycat

The Sleepycat company produces the best foam mattress. It has cooling crystals present which help to keep your body cool and you will regain your energy and be ready to face a new day. The mattress provides the best comfort so that you can have a sound sleep. The foam is kept in the mattress and design in such a way that it will help transfer the heat and motion of the body to the mattress.

The cover of the mattress is removable, you can wash it easily without any problem. The company gives about ten years of warranty to their customer and there are no harmful chemicals present in the mattress that can affect your body.

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3. Springtek

The company provides ample springs in the mattress to support the spine. It is recommended by orthopedics. The fabric is rigid but it provides full support to the spine and the whole body. If anyone is suffering from back pain or any bone pain in the body, this mattress is well suited to the person.

High-density foam is used to make the mattress which makes it perfect for injured people or people suffering from back pain. The company provides about six years warranty and also post-sale services. Thus it is a total profitable mattress. Therefore, it is good to use these mattresses for the benefit of your health.

4. Wakefit

The company provides the best quality mattress for the people. It is the most luxurious mattress available in India with the right amount of foam or fabric present. It gives the best relaxation to the body and also supports the body’s spine and other bones while sleeping. The company always gathers date from their customers and review them to make the best matrices for their customer.

The matrix is available for all types of beds, and the best quality foam is used without any use of chemicals. The matrices help to maintain body temperature and gives the best feeling. The company provides about ten years of warranty.

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5. Urban Ladder

The company produces the best soft and light weighted mattress. The mattress helps to pass air that was trapped inside the mattress. The mattress helps to provide motion resistance, thus providing the best sleep to your partner. The company provides the luxurious mattresses and the mattress is furniture friendly thus you can easily lay the mattress on your bed without thinking about the termite.

The company provides all types of sizes. It is best for a newly married couple. The company has used new technology to reduce the motion and give the best sleep. The company provides about a five-year warranty.

6. Wake Up

The company has used the best technique to make the mattress long lasting and all the top quality materials are used to make all the mattresses. The mattresses have features like anti-rusting and motion resistant which will give the best relaxation to the body and quality sleep.

The mattresses can adjust themselves with the shape and weight of the human body due to the presence of multi-layer foam. The mattresses can be easily cleaned and also you can remove the covering of the mattress for cleaning purposes.

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7. SleepWell

Sleepwell is one of the most best-selling mattress company in India. it makes the best mattress which is very sturdy at the same time soft perfect for relaxing at night. The company has provided movement resistant technology so that you and your partner can have the best sleep. The mattresses are very much comfortable to sleep.

The mattresses are very much budget-friendly, and the company provides a warranty of about 3 years. The premium quality quit is used to make the mattress. The foam is kept in layers to avoid any kind of movement in the mattress. Thus, mattresses are best for new families and couples.

8. Shagun

The company is making a mattress for a long time, it is one of India’s oldest mattress company. The company uses top-quality foam to make their mattresses. If you want to customize your mattresses, Shagun is the best place. You will get your desired mattress as ordered. The company makes the mattress for all ages so that they do not suffer.  

The mattresses are usually not soft but ideal for people who have any bone pain or especially back pain. The company is providing about 4 to 5 years of warranty upon its mattresses. The company keeps in mind the comfort of its customers and also their health. Thus they make sure that their mattresses are of the best quality.

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9. Emma 

The company uses memory foam to make its mattresses. The mattresses are best for king size bed. The mattresses can adapt to the body easily and gives the best feeling while sleeping. It relaxes the whole body and gives the best feeling. The air circulation in the mattresses is very good and it helps to keep the body cool.

The mattresses easily get adapted to body weight and shape. The design done by the German build quality gives the perfect ease to the body. The company gives the best warranty and return policy.

10. Extrasleep

The company produces the best back support matrices for people who are severely suffering from back pains. The mattresses are triple-layer which helps in absorbing the motion of the body and therefore giving a movement resistant material.

The company is dedicated to giving the best services to their customers. They make sure that all their mattresses are stitched and the price of the mattresses is also reasonable. They provide about five years of warranty.

11. Comforto

The company is also one of the best mattresses selling company in India. there are springs present in the mattresses which will make the mattresses very soft and comfortable. the springs are designed in such a way that it helps to resist the movement of the partner sleeping next to you. thus providing total comfort.

The mattresses are well designed to achieve the maximum comfort to the body. The mattresses are available in different sizes for different beds. All the mattresses are manufactured in India thus you can order them easily.

Sleeping is very much important to complete the cultivation of the body. Proper sleep leads to the good functioning of the body. Therefore, all the brands produce the best mattresses, you should check the appropriate one for yourself.

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