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Three web tools your business should be using

While technology has advanced significantly over the past 20-30 years, many businesses are still operating like they’re in the 90s. Sure they might have the latest version of Windows and a top-of-the-range laptop, but they’re not taking advantage of all the great tools that are available. This leads to businesses becoming inefficient, as their employees are forced to work the same way, organize their workflow in the same way, and communicate the same way they were 20 years ago. If you think your business needs a shake-up, we’re here to give you the three web tools that your business should be using.

Workflow Management Tools (Trello, Jira, etc.)

One of the most important things for a large team is to be able to organize your workflow. You need to stay abreast of who’s doing what within your business; otherwise, it can lead to multiple people working on the same task independently, employees slacking off, or missing important tasks! With a workflow management tool like Trello, you get a clear picture of all the tasks assigned to your team, who’s working on them, and what stage they’re at. This helps you understand the workflow of your team, who’s taking on the most work, and who’s not pulling their weight. It also helps you see where tasks start to slow down – are there always long delays in a certain part of your business? Trello can help you spot them! Whether you’re looking to start the business of your dreams or if you’re a manager looking to increase efficiency within your department, a workflow management tool can help organize your business like never before.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

A VPN should be an essential piece of tech for every business. There are two kinds of VPNs you can use: you can set up a business VPN that allows your employees to access your company’s network when working remotely, or you can get your employees to use a personal VPN to protect their data when working online. Both have plenty of advantages, and ideally, you would have both working simultaneously within your business. A VPN that allows your employees to access your network remotely means that they don’t have to take sensitive documents home with them. Everything can stay nice and secure on your servers, and they can securely use the VPN to connect to it wherever they are in the world. Having a personal VPN is just good practice when browsing the web, as the encrypted tunnelling technology keeps your data safe when you’re browsing the web. If you do a lot of work in the cloud, a VPN is essential, as it ensures that you’re the only person who can see those documents.

Using a VPN is also great for your downtime, as it can give you access to things that aren’t available in your country, whether that’s TV shows on online streaming platforms, such as Netflix, live sports that have been geo-locked, or online gambling sites that aren’t available in your area. If you live in an area that restricts access to gambling sites, you may not be able to access the best casinos on the market without using a VPN. With so many to choose from, knowing how to sport the best ones is essential. The best online gambling sites will be licensed by registered gambling authorities, making them safe to use and ensuring that they offer fair games. These sites will also have a range of games to choose from, including online bingo, video poker, and live dealer games, so there’s something to suit every player. By using a VPN, you can get access to all of these sites during your break and keep your documents secure when you’re back at work.

Communication Tools (Slack, Teams, Skype, etc.)

Communication is everything in business, and it’s hard to be efficient when you have to search through long chains of emails to find the information you need. Platforms such as Slack and Teams make communicating a breeze. Whether you want to get a hold of someone in your business, hold a meeting between departments, or set up a space for a team to share ideas, these apps are perfect. It’s easy to search through to find information on previous topics, you can share documents, and you can even have audio and video calls within the same app! The ease of use increases your productivity and makes losing important information a thing of the past. Essentially, you have all the functionality of emails, but quicker, easier to view, with added features. Save the emails for business-to-business communication; all inter-company communication should be done through one of these apps.

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