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Ways to Cut a Resume Down

While you want to include plenty of interesting and relevant info on your resume, this does not mean that you simply want to go on and on about yourself for pages and pages. This can easily end up counting against you, having the opposite effect to the one that you had initially intended. Here are just a few simple ways of cutting your resume down to size.

Look at the Format or Template

Many people analyse all sorts of resume formats before they settle on the one that they are going to use. However, there are some formats out there that are going to be space-saving, whereas others are going to leave info in big and bold. Therefore, it is more than worth having a closer look at whether the format you are using at present is going to be the right one or not. You may want to think about shifting it.

Only Include Key Contact Info

Rather than including any and every piece of contact info, you are going to be better off making sure that you only include the key data that is needed. The phone number and email address along with your name are the only bits that your employer needs to find out how to contact you. It could also be that you want to include the city or town if they need to know that you are located locally.

Use Bullet Points

Not only are bullet points a great way of shortening down your resume in the first place, but they also ensure that a hiring manager is going to be able to pick out the key pieces of info easily. At the same time, they will also force you to condense potentially long paragraphs into some key points. Try to feature some interesting stats, rather than only focusing on the inspirational language.

Shorten Old Jobs

While you may want to include a complete overview of your entire career history, it is not necessarily the case that you need to go into a great deal of detail about each of your previous roles. It may even be the case that you simply want to include the title. There may even be some job roles in there that are so old and irrelevant that you do not need them anymore.

Write a Short Objective Statement

The statement at the top of the resume that features your key qualities summed up only needs to be short and sweet. This way, you are conveying what sort of role that you are looking for and how you can stand out from the crowd in this way.

All of these are amongst the best ways of making sure that you are cutting down on your current resume and you are not left in a situation in which it is simply too long to be taken seriously and may get thrown away. Although it may seem like another time-consuming process, it will be worth it.

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