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Great reasons for parents to choose Brighton College International School for their children

It’s a challenge any parents face when trying to find the right school for their children. It can be hard enough in their own country of origin, but the choice becomes even more difficult when in another country. It’s natural to want to find somewhere that provides the very best education with the facilities, teaching standards, and amenities that enable it.

Those located in Bangkok have options, but why look any further than Brighton College International School after discovering all that it has to offer?

  • Wanting the best chance of exam results so that their offspring have the best opportunities to advance to university or to forge a successful career of their own, is at the forefront of the minds of all responsible parents. That will be achieved at Brighton in Bangkok who boast a high success rate of A-level pass marks, but the story can start many years before that.
  • Children as young as 2 years old can attend the school, where they are looked after in the Early Years Programme as the youngsters are nurtured so that they receive a smooth transition to Preparatory School. Specialist teachers look after their every need while surrounded by amazing facilities. A curriculum has been formulated by experienced teachers which reflects the high academic standards and expectations of the pupils who attend the learning establishment. It offers peace of mind to parents who may have used moving tips during a relocation.
  • Once the students reach the age of 11, they advance to Senior School as they continue the broad curriculum from their previous 5 years. From Year 10 they focus on options for IGCSE, International General Certificate of Secondary Education which is widely recognised. They can then advance to Sixth Form to take a-levels, which can prepare for university education. The success rate of which has seen nearly 200 students go on to study at the Universities of Oxford or Cambridge in the last 6 years.
  • Meanwhile, the close partnership with Brighton College UK, allows students to study for a week in England so that they can meet their peers, and receive the very best advice from career counsellors, while also broadening the mind as to what they can achieve and enjoy. Proud parents can look on, while perhaps taking newborns to enjoy baby swimming.
  • Much of the success can be put down to the atmosphere at the school which creates a culture of curiosity, confidence and kindness, which offers all attendees the very best opportunities to excel, being a leading British Curriculum school in Thailand, where outstanding teachers, all qualified in the UK, provide the best pastoral care.
  • The facilities at the school are simply world-class, including a 650-seat theatre and professional drama and music studios. Multiple tennis courts, two swimming pools, a 400m running track, and grass football pitch provide something for everyone to enjoy.

Students who attend Brighton College International School receive the best education between the ages of 2 and 18, overseen by outstanding teachers, surrounded by world-class facilities. 

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