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Why are employers keen on employing an AIPMM-certified product manager?

The association of international product marketing and management is an international body, responsible for upholding the quality of training and services in the discipline. The organization is allied with 75 countries across the planet and complies with ANS/ISO/IEC 17024:2012. The association exists to standardize the eligibility of product managers around the world. And set a threshold for qualification, so that the hiring process becomes hassle-free. And employers can choose their potential employees easily from the crowd. AIPMM allied institutes provide 6 different certifications.

  1. Certified product manager.
  2. Certified product marketing manager.
  3. Agile-certified product manager and product owner.
  4. Certified brand manager.
  5. Certified digital product manager.
  6. Certified innovation leader.

These certifications are administered through allied institutes and ensure high-quality training. For employers, this makes the hiring process easier. And for the students, AIPMM opens new avenues of employment all around the world. And incredible mobility even during mid and late career. This article will discuss the most prominent traits of an AIPMM-certified product manager. Traits that make them attractive to employers from every corner of the planet. 


A professional can become a leader only with experience. Years of taking up essential responsibilities and working with a team full of diversity manifest into leadership skills. Product managers are executives armed with relevant managerial skills, nurtured through hard work and dedication. A leader must act like a bridge between a greater entity and a workforce. They must understand the limitations and capabilities of their team. So that circumstances can be created for maximum productivity. Also, spot and nurture the next leader in line so that the leadership remains uncompromised.


Working with a team can be fun or can simply be an arduous undertaking. An AIPMM-certified product manager is trained to work in any country and with people from diverse national identities. Furthermore, a product team in 2022 is rich with professionals from diverse academic and cultural backgrounds. And managing them can require adeptness and familiarity with their work. Therefore, a good product manager must understand the different aspects of a product life cycle. And the roles of their teammates in different stages of the same.

Data adeptness

Developing, marketing, and several stages of the lifecycle like sales growth, maturity, and decline are aided by data in 2022. Huge amounts of data must be analyzed in each of these stages for smoother operations and security planning. The volume we are discussing is humongous. And humanly impossible to handle. Therefore, a product manager must be adequately experienced in handling large amounts of data. An AIPMM-certified product manager is thus expected to possess the essential data skills and relevant experiences. They must also be adept at deploying automated analytics tools. So that impossibly huge data volumes can be transformed into comprehensible predictions.

Communication skills

Communication skills for a product manager exceed the realm of interpersonal communication skills. Product managers working with a lot of data must also communicate the analysis results. That too lucidly and easily so that every involved party can understand the implications.

This communication ensures a clear concept of the bigger picture for the workers. And helps them perform as per the expectations. For investors, this communication can help in decision-making. And for a company, it is easy to plan and execute the plans with a clear idea of circumstances and outcomes.

In the case of multi-divisional operations, a product team relies heavily on the managers to be able to communicate. And keep the separate entities performing in perfect synchrony for ensuring effectiveness.

Adeptness with strategies

Forming a strategy involves the analysis of a lot of data from diverse sources. Both internal and external data are being used for unique and exclusive purposes. External data like financial, preference, climatic culture, and data from a competitive product are extensively used for forming strategies. And internal data like human resources and funding are used for planning the execution of a strategy. A product manager must ensure the plans never end up stressing their companies’ human and financial resources. And for unpredictable rapid onset ordeals, contingencies are in place for quick and effective deployment.


The skills we discussed, can only be nurtured and honed in an ideal environment. And the process starts from an early tenure. Therefore, the institute a student chooses to enroll in determines the quality of training and a student’s approach toward the discipline. AIPMM certification makes sure that the institute a student is coming from is up to the mark. And armed with all the necessary means to transform a student into an adept product manager.

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