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7 Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

If you’re thinking about cosmetic surgery, you may be overwhelmed with the sheer choice of procedures available on the market today. Cosmetic procedures are growing in popularity every single year. It’s thought this could be to do with the increase in the use of social media platforms showing perfect bodies, but also the fact that cosmetic procedures are also dropping in price, making them more accessible. In addition, they can give you a great confidence boost.

This article will explore some of the most popular cosmetic surgery treatments available to you and help you decide which option to go for.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation or enlargement involves placing implants in the chest to increase the size of the breasts. Some people will also choose to have uplift surgery at the same time as having this procedure. Incisions are made below the breast and implants are slipped into the chest cavity before stitching up the wounds. Recovery can take a few weeks for the swelling and bruising to completely disappear; however, the initial recovery where you will be required to rest should only last a few days.

Breast Lift

A breast lift is another popular breast surgery. It often involves a reduction at the same time and involves moving the nipple upwards to create a more toned and youthful look to the breast. The procedure, again, is quite invasive and recovery can take up to a few weeks to completely heal from the bruising and swelling. One of the downsides of this procedure is the scarring, as it usually leaves an anchor-shaped scar around the nipple and under the breast.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplants are very common for people suffering from premature baldness or conditions such as alopecia which causes you to lose hair. There are many variations of hair transplant procedures which range from having strips of scalp implanted or individual hairs. Hair implants create a more youthful appearance and restore confidence for people suffering from hair loss.


Liposuction is the procedure of removing stubborn fat cells with a vacuum. Bruising can be significant with this procedure, and it is only advisable to have it on areas of fat that have not responded to diet and exercise. Technology has now improved so there are now more options when it comes to fat removal, such as laser fat removal and fat freezing which are generally less invasive than standard liposuction.

Ear Pinning

Ear pinning is a cosmetic surgery that is commonly performed on children, but many adults opt to have the procedure done in later life. It is a procedure designed to flatten the ears and make them less prominent in appearance. Ear pinning is permanent and can bring a lot of confidence to people who have been conscious of their ears sticking out. 

Upper Arm Lift

An upper arm lift is a procedure to target ‘bingo wings’. It can be combined with liposuction if there is excess fat in the region, or if someone has lost a lot of weight, it may just be a case of removing excess skin from the area.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing removes the top (often damaged) top layer of the skin. It is designed to reduce scarring, pigmentation, and uneven skin tone. It also helps produce collagen production due to the healing process, so is also a beneficial anti-aging procedure. Full healing typically takes two weeks and itching and scabs are not unusual during the healing process. You have to be committed to the process as you will be required to apply ointment to the face regularly until the skin has healed completely. With so many procedures available today, it’s easy to see why cosmetic surgery is becoming more popular! There is literally a cure for anything you don’t love about yourself! Choosing a reputable surgeon is the most important thing when choosing

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