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The Importance of Introducing a Wellness Challenge at Work

We all want to be on a better path for our overall health and wellbeing, but sometimes, we feel like we are constantly going it alone. That’s where teaming up to get healthy is a great way to bring some better habits about. Some workplaces are recognizing the importance of getting their entire team on track for a healthy lifestyle, and that’s why they’re instituting a workplace wellness challenge.

What is a workplace wellness challenge?

Sometimes, we get so caught up in the workday that we don’t take the time to think about what we’re eating or get enough movement during the day. That’s why some companies are turning to a wellness challenge to get workers feeling good. A wellness challenge encourages employees to take on healthier habits in the name of good competition. In the past, some companies have turned to weight loss challenges with an incentive going to the person who drops the most weight or body fat by the end of a given time period. However, employee wellness challenges are now putting emphasis on more than just what the scale reads.

Walking challenges have become the most common, straightforward approach among wellness challenge ideas. Countless research has revealed the benefits of walking for employee wellbeing, and people just don’t do enough of it. A lack of movement can lead to a greater risk of ailments like heart disease and pulmonary conditions. Walking challenges are a great first wellness initiative to kick off a health and wellness program at any organization.

Promoting Healthy Habits

The goal of a company wellness program is to promote a better quality of life for employees and their families alike. This starts within the confines of the “9 to 5” by encouraging employees to get up and move around. Walking challenges are a great start, but after a good walk, you don’t want workers to go right for fast food. Offering healthy snacks in the break room is just one step toward encouraging healthy habits at the office. Healthier beverages can also make for better daily habits while employees are in the office.

Beyond workplace wellness, businesses will try to encourage their workers to continue their newfound healthier habits at home. Some companies offer discounts to sign up for a gym membership or create recreational sports teams as a fun way of getting exercise and getting some healthy competition. Physical activity is important, but some people just need a fresh perspective to get an understanding of different things that can help them stay healthy. With various activities, you’ll feel more confident in building better physical health.

More Than Physical Health

Beyond encouraging better exercise routines and better diets for your employees, it’s all for naught if you don’t put an emphasis on emotional health. Mental health can impact camaraderie in the workplace and work performance and can even inhibit a healthier lifestyle. That’s why more companies are recognizing that offering mental health services through insurance programs is important to allow for easy access to address any concerns employees may be dealing with in and out of the workplace.

It’s also important that team members feel like they can come to higher-ups and mentors with struggles in the office. Burnout is quite common for people who feel in over their heads with tasks. This can impact sleeping habits, exercise, and other elements of a daily routine. Healthy employees are made aware of the different ways that their coworkers can help them tackle matters. After all, a team accomplishment can be especially rewarding when it’s done as a united front. Wellness challenges and wellness programs are a tremendous asset, as long as the type of challenge or program you choose is for the greatest benefit of your workers.

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