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Top Health Websites for 2022

A website that conveys your message clearly and efficiently is a successful one. The website design must be simple and intuitive. No matter what the site does from economics homework help, fitness services, users should be able find what they are looking for quickly and with minimal scrolling. It doesn’t matter what message you are trying to convey, a website that is well-designed and easy to navigate will not help you reach your target audience.

These are the top 30 websites that offer health and wellbeing for 2022.


MyFitnessPal makes it easy to present all relevant information about their subscription on the front page. Users will find it easy to navigate the site.

Verywell Health

Verywell Health’s main page presents popular and relevant topics that can be sorted by topic or alphabetically. The search engine for health works as expected. The alphanumeric groups are particularly helpful.


Avocadu’s main page focuses on the 21-day paid weight loss challenge. The site is simple to use and displays the products strategically across the pages. This encourages users to buy without being pushy.


Well+Good provides engaging content written by well-known authors. It is easy to navigate and has a great font and color scheme. Advertising and product links are well integrated and not overly obvious.


Greatist offers engaging content that can be found on their main page. Articles are well formatted with pertinent graphics and small blocks of text that are easy to read and scannable. The font and colors are easy to read and pleasant.


Healthline’s website has many helpful resources that draw people in. The main page has a drop-down menu that lists the content categories. Other pages have sub-categories.

Men’s health

Men’s Health blends magazine content with original content in an engaging way. It has a well-organized side menu that links health topics to current trends as well as calendar events.


Prevention’s online magazine is Prevention. The site mixes original and published content in a way that draws the reader in. It has a well-organized side menu and advertisements that are not intrusive but still present.


Shape offers a mixture of original content and articles that have been reprinted from the printed publication. The main page has a pop-up menu of categories that acts as a top menu. This helps to organize the content logically.

Fitness for Men

Men’s Fitness online is the online edition of Men’s Fitness magazine. It is easy to navigate and well designed. Trending articles and the most recent articles can be found on the left side menu.

Bird food

Eating Bird Food makes revenue through sponsorships, affiliate links and ads placed in a discreet manner throughout the site. The site is attractively designed and scrolls down to a minimum. Although the content is informative, it tends to be biased towards the author’s own personal experiences.

Muscle and Fitness

Muscle and Fitness has the same layout as the magazine, but it also contains unique content. The combination is well-organized. The dropdown menus at the top are well-organized. The articles are indexable and pages have some scrolling down, but not enough to hinder navigation.

Nutrition Stripped

Nutrition Stripped has a variety of interesting nutrition content. The muted pastel colors are a great choice, as opposed to many other sites that use too many colors or too much contrast.


Mellowed’s articles are interesting and keep the user’s interest. It has a simple design that is straightforward and does not require any extra information.

Mind Body Green

Mind Body Green sells products, but also offers informative articles that capture the reader’s attention. The site is well-designed, organized logically, and contains useful content that is easy to find.

Fit Foodie Finds

Fit Foodie Finds sells nutrition and fitness programs. However, the links to their website require that you have a registered account. This could prove confusing. The content is well-designed and the layout is simple and logical.

The Healthy Maven

The Healthy Maven has well-organized content. The site’s overall effect is engaging and attractive, and visitors will want to stay.

Nutrition Twins

Nutrition Twins is an engaging blog site that captures the attention of the reader. The site is also easy to use. The right side menu features the authors, and encourages readers follow the links to learn more about the site’s programs.

Healthy Slices of Life

A Healthy Slice of life is a blog that is easy to navigate. Readers will find the content informative and entertaining.

Balanced Living

The Balanced Life makes revenue by selling products and showing affiliate links to products in an accessible way that is easy for the reader. Overall, the content is interesting and navigation is simple.


Sonima is very easy to use. Sonima’s design is attractive and engaging. The layout is also logical.

Wellness Today

Wellness Today uses a color scheme that is bright and appealing without being too colorful. Links to articles on the main page are smaller and more compact than the larger images used by other sites.

The 12-Minute Athlete

The 12-Minute Athlete contains informative articles that help keep the reader’s attention. Site navigation is easy and advertisements aren’t too intrusive.

The Regimen

The Regimen is a website that is well-known and easy to find. You can find the categories of content under the drop-down menu at the top of each page. They are used consistently throughout the site. The “About Me” section is informative and well-written.

Summer Tomato

Summer Tomato subtly promotes the book’s author in a way that encourages the reader to explore further. The colors are attractive and the links to the most recent material are well placed on the right menu. Site’s overall design is excellent and it looks attractive.

John Fawkes

John Fawkes sells products online in an easy-to-use manner. Everything is easily found and easy to read. You can find recent posts as links at the top of the main page. The topics are organized well into a top menu. You can find the podcasts as a group under Appearances, which is a useful feature. has a search function that is quick and efficient. There are many engaging articles on the site that are easy to find. The main page layout is excellent. Clicking on “More”, will take you to additional articles.

The Chalkboard Mag

The Chalkboard Magazine is well-organized, easy to use and has a drop-down menu that clearly defines topics. There is very little scrolling down and the pages are well-indexed.

Clean eating

Clean Eating, the online version to Clean Eating magazine’s Clean Eating magazine is Clean Eating Online. It offers a mixture of published and original content that is presented in an engaging way throughout the site. The pages are well-designed and feature a great color scheme. It is easy to find the topic of your interest.

Robb Wolf

Robb Wolf’s promotional purpose is simple to grasp, and the pages are filled with engaging and informative topics. The main page has a drop-down menu and the content is indexed to minimize scrolling.

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