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5 Designs to Make Your Home Exterior More Attractive

While it is certainly true that the interior of your precious house can say a lot about you, it is ultimately the exterior portion of your home that will create that all-important first and lasting impression. This is why whatever decisions you take, such as your siding and color choices, sprucing up your garden, or even improving that curb appeal, will inevitably change exactly how individuals perceive your house. It is sometimes difficult to figure out what you need to do to create that ‘wow’ factor. However, the latest designs are as timeless as the classics, and using them will give your home a whole new look. Let us check out a few such design ideas to create that perfect façade for your home:

  1. Use muted color schemes

If you really want your garden to look greener or the paint on your door to stand out, you should consider using soft and muted colors. They will provide the perfect background for your landscaping, your flowers, doors, and window frames. You can always opt for soft tan, beige, and even light gray shades since they are all quite popular these days. Since these are primarily basic colors, their popularity never goes out of style as such. Moreover, they have certain soothing and calm tones which when combined with the vibrant main colors bring a certain sense of genteel sophistication as well as taste to the whole neighborhood.

  1. Unleash your green thumb!

If nothing else, the pandemic made people really understand the true importance of gardening as a hobby. Long after the enforced lockdowns are over, people are still interested in gardening.  As a matter of fact, landscaping has now taken center stage in many garden design activities. You too can add a touch of class and design to your home by growing flowerbeds as well as interesting patterns of diverse shrubberies and various other plants. You can also plant ivy and creepers all over the walls of your home. Make a few green focal points so your yard won’t look cluttered, as such.

  1. Dress your home in new siding

There is a lot of variety these days as far as the siding industry is concerned. You can opt for anything and everything from aluminum to vinyl to wood and even composite siding. Add to that the fact that there are so many shades, hues, and designs to choose from on the market. You can opt for midnight black or even sky blue complete with its very own patterns. Fresh and clean siding will always create a posh ambiance that will be the envy of the whole neighborhood. However, it is very important that you consider seeking help from Kansas City siding contractors for the best results. This is because the installation of new siding is not a DIY job at all and requires both the job experience and a certain measure of expertise as well.

  1. Use colorful outdoor lighting

Homes that sport fairy lights on the back porch or even mushroom-shaped UV lights are definitely in. You can do the needful by installing such lights that will make a path directly to your front door. As a matter of fact, using colorful lights such as electric blue or teal will give a whole new set of colors to the walls and roof of your home. You will be able to turn your home into a wonderland literally in the flash of a second. 

  1. Wood is back in style

Today’s smart and trendy home designers have now started building properties with natural wood designs as well as wood siding and accents. The key purpose is to make the house look so organic that it looks like it has been built into the very earth. You can also achieve this look by going for a wooden gate, fence, and door and polishing them in natural wood tones instead of using paint. For installing your new fence, you can contact Fishers fence company to give your house a more aesthetic look.

  • Conclusion

The above design ideas can all make your home the talk of the whole neighborhood. However, it is very important to seek the advice of a Kansas city siding contractor before you embark on a major renovation spree.

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