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Top 5 Online Slots Strategies and Tips for Beginners

When you see a slot machine, the first thing that you would do is engage in an effective slot strategy to win the slots. Although there are several strategies and tips to actually win the slots, most people tend to think that slots are a result of a random number that is generated in the machines. It is also often believed that there is no particular way of winning slots but only relying on the luck of the person for the day. But this common misconception is not entirely true. This is the very reason that you can find a lot of articles on tips, strategies or tricks that can help you win real money on slot machines. Whether it is physical slot machines or virtual ones, there is actually a way to win money with the best of your knowledge put to use. 

We bring to you the best and top most strategies that you can use as a beginner to get your hands on some added cash that you truly deserve. In the following pointers, you will be able to check out the top 5 online slot strategies that have proven useful for professionals in the past. With their recommendations and feedback, the following list was created to help beginners in improving their possibilities of getting money from the slot machines and the free spins that they tend to get as well.

1. Look out for High RTP Online Slots

If you are more prone to engaging in online slots then it is best advised that you look for the highest RTP slots. This is actually the best strategy that you can possibly use to win some real money in no time. If the low RTP is 95% then that is also acceptable but keep your eyes out for slots that will give you a minimum of 98% RTP. The RNGs of the online slots are designed in such a way that you have a strong chance of hitting the jackpot with every spin. The RTP actually decides how much money you will get if you hit the jackpot. So, now we guess you understand the reason for a high RTP. This definitely equates to more money. Check out some of the best high RTP websites before you decide to put in your money. Return on investment should be maximised as much as possible. 

2. Slots with Bonuses and Bonus Symbols

Majority of the online slots are willing to give you a bucket load of bonuses to be a part of the website and invest in the slots. If you have access to such websites then you can really increase your earnings and bonus quotient by a lot. Apart from this, there are certain slots that have bonus symbols. These are the most effective. Look out for machines that give free spins along with jackpot rounds and even wild cards. You can never go wrong with these. The slot machines with bonus symbols give more winnings when compared to other themes. So, you know which theme to pick up when you really want to win some real money. 

3. Don’t Put Your Entire Focus on Progressive Jackpots 

Progressive jackpots are designed in such a way that it collects the investment of varied players to give one big jackpot to one player. Of course, the money for online gaming websites comes from somewhere right? It is definitely coming out of the pockets of the players who invest in them. So, chasing the slots with long odds may not be as much fun as you think. It’s better to switch to the short term ones so you can keep getting some returns on your investment in slots and keep playing as well. Otherwise, you will be investing highly in the initial phase with little motivation to go back. 

4. Influencing the RNG is Impossible

Some players might tell you that they can influence the RNG or find a way around it to win at the slots. But that is actually not true or possible in any way. The machines are not hot or cold, the RNG is not going to give you a higher chance at the jackpot if the machine is hot. It does not make sense. The RNG is a totally digital system that rests on its own functionalities and programming. No exterior factors can influence its working or give you more money. There are not even cheat codes so do not try to look them up online. The inspection of the algorithm is even done by a third party to ensure there is no foul play. 

5. Focus on the Slot Pick’em Bonuses

Some of the video slot machines require you to invest some of your hard work and intelligence so that you can get your hands on the bonuses or activate them in the first place. In some slot machines, the symbols appear automatically but in others, you might have to click on them or touch the symbols. These are called the Pick’em bonuses. Make sure you have all the information in hand before you start playing the game. There are obviously terms and conditions involved that you cannot ignore. Make sure you do not pass on the opportunity to claim the bonuses. 

Apart from the afore-mentioned tips and tricks there may be other strategies that you can also use to win real money on online casino slots. There are several websites that give free spins and bonuses so that you can multiply your earnings. Casinos are easy to work with and especially slot machines. There is no major science involved in it but if you know the best in class strategies then you can improve your chances of getting your name registered among the top most winners of slots and jackpots over time. It is actually the best way for you to bring your dreams to a reality. Keep reading stories and articles to know more about slots, casinos and the best practices through which gambling can be made fun. 

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