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7 Ways To Entertain Teens and Cut Anti-Social Behaviour

Studies show that children who are active and feel loved and connected to their communities are less likely to behave in anti-social ways. The current trend in education is away from a focus on punishment and towards understanding the needs of individuals. Isolation from society is a strong predictor of many negative behaviours, so when parents can’t be home, schools, youth clubs, and parks can help fill that void.

What Can Be Done To Reduce Anti-Social Behaviour?

The following are a few ways to reduce anti-social behaviour and encourage a good community spirit.

1) WiFi

Providing a covered space that has WiFi gives teens a dedicated area where they can work in groups. Not only does it give young people access to the internet for schoolwork, but they can also access entertainment, which keeps them from feeling bored and ignored.

2) Youth Clubs

Instead of being isolated from the rest of society, teens should have opportunities to get involved with local activities. Sports clubs, town scouts and musical bands develop a sense of belonging and pride which is important in life.

There are many families with parents who work late or have a shift pattern that leaves them away from home during the day. However, these types of community facilities for youths offer after-school activities, which keep kids busy while their parents are at work. It also gives them somewhere safe to go where they know their parents will be there in case anything goes wrong.

3) Access To Arts & Crafts

It’s a fact that anti-social teens would not be so anti-social if they had an outlet for their angst and creativity. Young people are now more interested in expressing themselves through music, art and other creative avenues. Introducing creative works into the curriculum shows teens that they can use their brains as well as their bodies to change their world for the better.

4) Planting Trees

Trees help create a sense of community and getting teens involved in greening their community reduces the likelihood that they will then vandalise the local area. The community also benefits from a more pleasant environment and improved air quality.

5) Music Events

Aside from schools, other community groups can provide a fun night out for teens. These days, music is more popular with teens than ever before. Churches and charities often have themed nights where kids can enjoy live music and be part of something together.

6) Volunteering Opportunities

In general, volunteering has a positive impact on the lives of teens by making them feel more connected to their communities. It helps them build respect and friendships while working in a team to achieve a goal. It also helps develop leadership skills, which are important in life.

7) Parks & Places To Play

Parks and open spaces are important to the health of any community. If the only space available is a bus stop or a street, then teens will turn it into an anti-social area. Providing areas that give teens freedom without an overbearing adult presence can help keep them safe, healthy and feeling good.

When young people are isolated, they are more likely to develop anti-social behaviours. Getting communities to create facilities that allow young people to meet and share their skills and interests with one another reduces the likelihood of anti-social behaviour.

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