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How to Throw a Great Baby Shower

Baby showers can be a very special time for parents to be. Not only do they get to spend some of their time with their friends and family, but it is also a dedicated time to talk about becoming a parent. Whether it is your first baby or your seventh, every baby shower can be a significant event, and if you have been elected to host, then the pressure is probably on!

This piece is going to take a look at some top tips on how you can throw a great baby shower and what not to miss out on!

Let’s get into it!

Pick a Time and Date

The time and date are probably one of the most important aspects of a baby shower, as you will want all of the guests to actually be able to attend. If this is going to take some serious planning, as things often do in this day and age, try and speak to all of the potential guests to find a date that works for the majority, and then stick with it!
When you know a date is set in advance, you can also find a list of the best baby shower gift ideas to help you and the attendees get something nice for the parents-to-be.

Get The Decorations

If you are having a baby shower at home or at a small venue, the one thing that is going to distinguish the event from a normal day is the decorations! This is definitely not something to miss, as it will tie the whole shower together.
It is up to you whether you decide to go down a themed route or if you just want to stick to the basics, but these should be on your list!

1. Balloons
2. Cake
3. Bunting

Decide on The Food

No good baby shower is complete without food and drinks for the guests (and the parents), so thinking about what is going to be served is a must. You can either do it yourself, ask everyone to bring a dish (which is a lovely way to share), or you can ask the venue to provide food for you. There is no set meal for a baby shower, but a buffet is usually a good idea as people can mingle and come and go when they want – as there are usually other activities happening and catching up to do!

Plan the Activities

Not all baby showers have activities, and sometimes it is just enough to see your friends, eat cake, and chat about being or becoming a parent. However, if you are hosting for people who like that kind of thing and want to make a day of it, there are so many baby shower activities you can do which will put a smile on everyone’s face.
Design your own rompers for the baby with fabric markers, write a future letter to the baby, share some fond memories with the parents and reminisce, guess the name of the baby, or even do a diaper raffle!

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