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I Have A Daughter And I Won’t Change That For Anything In This World

Be It A Daughter or A Son, Every Parents Love Their Child:   

Be it a girl or a boy, who cares! Every parent loves their children more than anything else in this world irrespective of their gender. Babies are the closest one to everyone’s heart. However, in this era of the twenty-first century, there are still some people who do discrimination between babies depending on the baby’s gender. They think that having a baby boy is far better than having a baby girl. It seems like, despite the gain in education, suffrage, and business goals, girls still haven’t won the hearts of parents. In developing countries the preference is pragmatic as they think men earn more money, they have more rights and carry the family name. But this is certainly a poor mentality, which is an absolute injustice to God’s creation. Children are the gift of God and being a parent you should not take any adverse decision just because of the words that are thrown at you if you have a baby girl. Now you would certainly like to know why! Keep on reading to know the reason.

A Child Is Beloved By Everyone

Children are precious to everyone. No one cares about the gender of the baby. No certainly not. However, if anyone does then simply avoid those people. Such people are a curse to the society. Gender refers to the roles that society assigns people based on their sex. Gender discrimination is when there is a bias based on a person’s sex that defines the role that he or should play in the society. Many gender stereotypes believe that women’s job is simply to stay home or women are unable to make decisions. Frankly speaking, those illiterate people must be burnt into ashes but you know it is not good to take the law in your hands.

A Child Is Never Judged By a Mother

Mother is the closest to every child. She never judges her children depending on the gender. She does so much for her child. She is the first person to sacrifice her life by giving birth to children. She teaches her child how to walk, talk and smile. She is the first mentor and teacher of her child who helps them to determine what is right and what is wrong. That is what mothers love and care is!

  •  Mothers are the emotional backbones of the family.
  • They are the strongest one to hold back during an occurrence of any problem and we can always rely on them.
  • She always stands beside her children during their times of trouble. Be it a boy or girl mother loves her children equally and is unconditional and can’t be replaced.
  • She listens to her baby and responds to the cues. As the children, they internalize their parents’ sensitivity towards them.
  • They have an internal sense of what is right and are bothered when situations violate their values.
  • Mothers love helps them to know themselves well and remain true to their character in the midst of a crowd going in another direction.
  • They are compassionate and understanding with other people. Having learned intimacy from their early closeness with their parents, they go on and bring their parents joy and pride.
  • A mother is her child’s window to the world and an interpreter of what is going inside her child.

Be A Boy or A Girl, Does It Matter

Most of the parts of the world still differentiate between a boy and a girl child and a boy child. The girl child is aborted even before she comes to the world. And the sad part is that even educated people don’t take their steps off doing this. This generally happens when it comes to the matter of higher education and wealth etc. In such cases, more importance is given to the boy child as the parents feel that he will be with them until their lifetime and since the girl will move on to another house after marriage so she should be much importance. This is what some parents think of.

  • The status of a girl child is the key to achieving women’s equality and dignity which is, in many ways, a litmus test to the maturity of the society. Girls are the future policy makers and leaders and their importance hardly needs emphasis.
  • They face discrimination in every part of the world. In many countries, men outnumber women by 5 in every 100. The reason for this is because of the harmful practices and attitudes against women.

The birth of a female child is often regarded as a disaster and female foeticide is very common. When a boy child is born everyone rejoices but when a female child is born many seen dejected as if a tragedy has occurred. If survival of girl is necessary for the existence of the world then their education is equally important for her development. As such education, employment opportunities and a supportive home and a societal environment are keys to their empowerment. Girls of the twenty-first century have achieved so much in many fields, still, some people with poor mentality have discrimination between a boy and girl. In order to help the girl survive and reach their full potential, the society must take some steps as:

  • Eliminate all forms of discrimination against the girl-child.
  • Eliminate negative cultural attitudes and practices against girls.
  •  Promote and protect the right of girl-child and increase awareness of her needs and potential.
  • Eliminate discrimination against their health and nutrition.
  • Eliminate the economic exploitation against of girl labour and protect girls at work.

Enacting upon the above-mentioned points will help the girl reach their full potential and bring them success in various aspects of life. Thus it doesn’t really whether it is a boy or a girl until we stop discriminating between them.

A Child Doesn’t Come In This World According To Parent’s Desire

 Children are considered as a gift of God. No one can alter the work of an omnipotent. Thus whether you have a baby boy or a baby girl, it is not in anyone’s hand or by anyone’s will. There are also options using which you can determine the gender of your baby, but you can’t expect I to be according to your wish and it never will be.

Whether you know that it is a baby boy or a girl, it doesn’t really matter. You have to accept it, you are a parent and you should give him or her all the pleasures you can afford. Guide him or her in a right way. But a number of people find themselves poor in parenting their child. Proper communication with the child is also very important, it makes them feel that they are being loved by their parents. Few ways of parenting your child and making them feel your love:

  • Learn their Language: Just like your mates or spouse, your children also have their different ways in which they feel love best. So make you love matter to them in the way they prefer. Spend some time of yours learning about love languages and thinking about your children and try to show the love in that ways.
  • Serve Them Unconditionally: We all have learned throughout our life that we love those whom we serve. The constancy that parents show as they nurture and care for their children lets them know that they are being loved, often subconsciously.
  • Seek Them Out:  All the time we find ourselves busy with some to-do list or other important task and send our children away suggesting them to play outside or read a book. This is not a good thing. One of the ways to show your love to them is to seek them out and involve yourself in their play, engage yourself in whatever activity they love to do. Your involvement will make them feel loved.
  • Learn To Listen: Adults don’t have all the answers to children, nor do they feel the significance of solving their children’s problem. Learn to listen to your kids while you are engaged, this is one of a crucial parenting skill which you have to learn. This quite form of support and security towards your children will make them feel you care.
  • Be Spontaneous: Sometimes the best way to show your love towards your children is not to think too much about it, love can be in any form, whether an outing to get an ice cream, staying up in past bedtime to talk together or a dance party in the living room,

Be a friend to your child and guide them in the best way possible. Giving your child a happy and healthy life should be the ultimate goal.

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