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Top smart Apps for Small Business Owners

Small business owners go through many hassles. They have to be sending out messages, receiving calls, accepting and making payments, listing, and recording payments. If you ever need to gather date for your business, you can check out statistics assignment help to learn more. The following apps will make your life easier as a small business owner.

Slack: Messaging App

It is a one-stop junction to help you send messages to your employees and avoid numerous threads from them. You can have several private and public channels as there is no limitation to the number of users. The app makes it easy to share images and documents, and the users can store them there or download them. The app stores all the information fed to it, which means you will never lose your conversations.

Square: Payment acceptance

Square is an app that is a one-stop-shop and houses all payments in one platform. The app, through the company, has a POS system that streamlines the way for transactions to get made efficient for small businesses. It is very affordable and easy to set up. The app also has online tools that can benefit both employers and employees. It is most suitable for small businesses that face low risks. When your business opens up to other markets, you will need to find a better application.

Quickbooks: Accounting app

It is by far the most popular software in the market in the field of accounting. The software is easy to use and has many forms. With QuickBooks, you can send invoices, prepare for the season of tax and pay workers on the same platform. The app also comes with a bundle of tutorials to guide you through the software.

Trello: Project management app

The app ties the knots of collaborations between teammates. You can come up with cards to give out the tasks needed to get finished for a complete project to get named. The cards can house due dates, pick other members, put up lists, and allows for uploads and downloads of images and documents. The platform also houses Google Drive, Evernote, and Slack.

Toggle: Time tracking

The app helps employers track employee hours. It has a cloud-based time tracker that looks at people and businesses. Employers can then transfer the time logs to a spreadsheet monthly. It helps you see the time your employees invest in a particular project. The app will also give you insights into the types of projects that are better for you.

Wunderlist: Creating to-do lists

The platform helps you create several to-do lists and can help you give out tasks to other team members. It gives a doorway for you to get into a collaboration with your employees and get work done. Microsoft bought the app in 2015, and recently, the company was to shut down the platform. It’s been four years since the information got out, but the app is still thriving.

Expensify: Management of expense reports

Track your receipts and expenses for you to be a tedious small business owner. The app assists you in tracking your documents in that you can take a snapshot of the receipt, and the software immediately transcribes the details. The app also organizes the papers into categories and will save you an enormous amount of time in the process. Employees can also key in their documents and syncs with many accounting software.

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