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4 Jobs for people who love to travel

Travel opens up the world and expands our perceptions. It’s a great way to meet new people, have new experiences and broaden your horizons. Traveling around the world is a dream that feels out of reach for many, but if you can find a way to earn money on the road, that dream comes much closer to reality.

#1 Digital Nomad

Not a job per se, “digital nomad” is, in fact, an umbrella term that encompasses many different types of remote work. Digital nomads are united by the fact that they can work from anywhere, with just their laptop computers and an internet connection. Jobs include content writing, ESL posts with companies like The TEFL Academy, website design, and even blogger. Nomads come and go as they please, staying in one country and then moving on. Many flock to places like Estonia with its free wifi and nomad passports, but the world really is your oyster. Loneliness can be an issue for some nomads, and it can be hard work getting your taxation and visa documents in order.

#2 Lorry driver

Lorry drivers vary in scope and the distances that they travel. Some are strictly limited to a local area; others drive freight across huge distances, sometimes over whole continents. This is one of the best ways to see as much of the world as possible, and it’s nowadays easier than ever. Delivery drivers can use load board finder platforms to source customers and sort jobs according to various criteria. This allows drivers to mix up short and long journeys, uncovering new parts of the world and getting paid at the same time. Being able to choose your own loads is a big advantage that gives drivers control over their schedules.

#3 Cabin crew

There are lots of openings for cabin crew with commercial airlines. This type of job (obviously) involves enormous amounts of travel, and you’ll often find yourself skipping between different countries on a daily basis. Working in the cabin serving food and drink, making safety announcements, and generally taking care of passengers is a fantastic way to get more global mobility. You’ll usually earn perks with the airline too, which means that you can take family and friends on discounted holidays. The job can be stressful; however, there are issues with jet lag, and a difficult flight can ruin your day.

#4 Cruise ship staff

Cruise ship jobs differ from working on a plane because there are so many different types of employment on offer. Everyone from chefs to cleaners and musicians can find a home on a cruise ship as it plots its course around the world. Loneliness can be a big part of travel, but that’s not the case on a cruise ship. Staff form tight bonds as they spend weeks and sometimes months together, often sharing cabins. That alleviates any feelings of isolation, and cruise ships are invariably exciting places. You might not get long to explore new locales, but you’ll certainly see a lot of the world and sure up your sea legs!

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