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Mini Checks For Moving: What You Need To Know Before You Go

The process of moving is stressful and can sometimes be challenging; however, there are many ways to make the transition smoother and less overwhelming.

Considering moving but feeling overwhelmed? You’re not alone! Between figuring out where you are going to live and packing up your belongings, planning can seem incredibly daunting.

Moving is a time-consuming process, and hiring movers can be costly, so it’s always a good idea to pack all your belongings and take as much as you can yourself. Here are some tips on planning and executing a successful move.

Get Lots of Boxes

If you do look into hiring moving companies, invest in moving boxes or bags and use these to pack your belongings when you’re ready to move.

When packing away your home, it’s best to select durable boxes that will stand up to the bumps and bruises of being moved long distances, especially if you’re looking at using moving companies who may not treat your possessions as carefully as you would.

Buy boxes in a range of sizes to ensure you have adequate levels of space for furniture and other household items.  You may also want to consider using storage bins to separate different items in your new home.

If you’re planning on storing away some belongings long term, you may want to buy extra-large boxes that are heavy-duty enough to protect fragile items.

Minimize Damage During a Move

One way to minimize damage during a move is by packing family photos in photo albums, as frames can sometimes be damaged when they are moved from one place to another. Therefore, keep your most cherished photos safe and out of harm’s way by placing them into photo albums or other photo storage options.

If you have lots of small objects or selling collectibles, you may want to invest in boxes with compression pads to safeguard against any unwanted breakages during the moving process.

Consider using specialty boxes for small items such as jewelry, and important documents such as birth certificates, diplomas, and passports.

Pack Your Belongings Properly

Before packing up your belongings, it’s important to have an idea of how they will be transported.

If you can pack belongings according to their type and size, you may be able to reduce the number of boxes you purchase. It’s also best to pack items close together so that storage containers are not required.

When it comes to packing fragile items such as glass, mirrors, china, and art, it’s best to wrap these items in bubble wrap or other protective casing before placing them in storage containers.

You could also consider using furniture pads or carpeting to protect against movement damage when transporting any delicate items.

How Much Should You Expect To Spend on Your Move?

The cost of moving can vary significantly depending on the distance and number of items you plan to take with you. If you are moving across town or within the same city, for example, the move may not be as expensive as a long-distance move.

It is important to consider your starting budget for your move and then add on additional dollars depending on what you need in order to produce a successful and realistic budget.

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