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Gasoline is one of the primary fuels that give a boost to our everyday lives. A good brand of Gasoline allows you to keep your vehicle out of any risk and also keep its engine healthy for a long period of time. The overall fuel efficiency as well as the performance of your machine depends on the quality of the Gasoline that you’re feeding it. Therefore, it is highly recommended to opt top-notch quality gasoline brand. Here are the top gasoline brands that are famous in the United States:

1. Kwik Trip Inc.

The brand is renowned for many years in the country. Kwik Trip Inc. uses the widely common Unleaded 87 fuel which contains 10% Ethanol in it. The company has been listed among the top fuel brands in the USA. A single-family owns it and operates via more than 600 stores in Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota regions of the USA. The Zietlow family owns the brand since 2000 and runs the country beautifully. Kwik Trip Inc. uses 110 tanker trucks to transport fuel throughout the day. Try Kwik Trip Inc. to feel the change.

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2. Sheetz Inc.

This company is among the top players in the industry as they allow you to feed your car with top-quality gasoline. Sheetz Inc. gasoline keeps your engine clean and healthy as well as reduces emission levels. The brand uses Unleaded 88 which is approved by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for motor vehicles manufactured in the 21st century. The Unleaded 88 consists of 5% ethanol, which is healthier than Unleaded 87 which consists of 10% ethanol. Choose Sheetz Inc gasoline for better performance and less emission.

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3. Exxon Mobil

The U.S based gas and oil company was started back in the year 1999. This brand came into existence when the two giants Exxon Corporation and Mobil Corporation got merged. Exxon Mobil today has a lot of investment and wide operations. It deals in petroleum, coal, nuclear fuels, natural gas and chemicals. The company has its headquarters in the Houston region of Texas where it manages a huge widespread business. The market capitalization of the company is enormous when compared to other players in the industry. The company’s wealth has been constituted to $410 billion in 2022 which is quite impressive!

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4. Chevron

One of the oldest fuel brands in the United States, Chevron has made its mark by providing high-quality gasoline. The company was started as Pacific Coast Oil Co. back in 1879. The company changed its name later but never forgot the legacy of its history and the spirits of its founders. Chevron has made a lot of innovations with its unique style of research and development. The gasoline brand helps keep your machine healthy as well as keep it running for a long period. Chevron provides flagship fuels like Chevron, Caltex, Texaco, etc. The fuel by Chevron consists of Techron which plays an important role in keeping the engine components like fuel injectors free from clogging.

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5. Marathon Petroleum

The company is a leading name in the U.S. fuel industry. Marathon petroleum headquarter is located in the Findlay region of Ohio. It owns the largest refining plant in the country as well as has a lot of locations across the United States. Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC) is also a subsidiary of the United States Steel Corporation since 1982. Fuel your car with Marathon fuel and experience the difference in driving quality and performance.

6. Shell

The company has very dynamic operations like gas, oil, petrochemicals, solar & hydrogen energy, etc. Shell has been in existence for over 100 years now and caters for a large chunk of the U.S. population. The company has its operations spread across the globe but its U.S module contributes to a huge share. A lot of people are employed by Shell and the company take care of their well-being as they believe a lot in their social responsibility. The company believes in providing its services in a sustainable manner because they believe in saving nature and other resources for future generations.

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7. QuickChek Corp.

The brand has made its place among the top gasoline brands in the country. One of the finest gas stations is QuickChek in America. It is also number one in New Jersey, offering a QuickChek Universal Fleet Card, accepted at 95% of gas stations across America. The headquarter of QuickChek Corp. is located in the Readington area of New Jersey. It was started in 1967 and its first store was opened in the Dunellen region of NJ. Check out the QuickChek Corp. on your next fill.

8. Kum & Go LC

Tony Gentle and William A founded this brand. Krause. They also played an instrumental role in establishing the Hampton Oil Company of Iowa in 1959. Hampton Oil later became the Krause Gentle Corporation which is today a reputed name in the country. Today, Krause Group owns the Kum & Go LC. and provides high-quality fuel for the people of the United States. The brand also offers its Fleet Card to the users. By this, they can use it at several outlets throughout the country.

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9. Speedway

The brand was started in the United States. Speedway is a renowned name today because it provides quality fuels for motor vehicles. The 7-Eleven company owns and operates Speedway. Speedway has its gas stations, as well as several convenience stores, spread across the United States. Speedway’s headquarter is located in the Enon region of Ohio. It has locations in the Midwest as well as the East Coast area. The fuel retailer has managed to acquire a large chunk of customers in the country. Also, the brand retails high-quality gasoline at very competitive prices.

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10. American Gas

The company is among the well-established names in the United States. American Gas Association (AGA) is a representative of more than 200 companies dealing in energy products. It caters to more than 180 million people in America. American Gas Association was founded in 1918. Also, it educates people about the importance of natural gas as well as makes their day-to-day life easy. AGA also regulates the energy industry in the United States. The gasoline offered by AGA is of top-notch quality and keeps your machine in fine condition.

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Q1. What gasoline brands are ethanol free?

Shell 91 and up has no ethanol Esso 91 is ethanol free also. 

Q2. Which gasoline brands are top tier?

Chevron and QuikTrip

Q3. What brands of gasoline are designated as “1st tier”?

76, ARCO, Aloha, Beacon, Breakaway, CITGO, Cenex, Chevron, Conoco

Q4. Which of the major gasoline brands have the highest octane, mpg?

poWer100: An ultra-premium branded petrol with an octane rating of 100
poWer99: A premium branded petrol with an octane rating of 99
Sunoco 94 Octane: A high octane fuel that can help your vehicle perform at its best
Speed 97: A 97 octane petrol variant from BPCL

Q5. What is a high detergent gasoline brands?

76® fuel

Q6. Which gasoline brands have lowest sulfur?


Q7. Which gasoline brands are oxygenated fuel?

ESSO Super Diesel 2000

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