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The Complete Last-minute Wedding Checklist

Planning a wedding involves a lot of process and time to ensure everything works out perfectly. As much as you’ve invested enough time and energy in the process, skipping important items while packing your bag can turn everything into naught in split seconds. So to avoid this last-minute buying and searching for your items everywhere, you need a checklist.

If you are looking for the complete last-minute wedding checklist, it’s all in this article. Read on to find out more.

●    Meet With Your Events Planner

The first thing you want to do the day before your big event is to meet with your event planner. By meeting with your events planner, you’re checking on the vendors and ensuring they are set to function at your wedding.

On the other hand, if you’re not working with an events planner, it may get stressful because you’ll be handling all the activities. However, it’s important because many times, some vendors may forget about the event or delay in providing their services. So, to avoid the huge embarrassment, it’s better to take some time off and ensure all is set.

If you’re busy or may tend to forget about this, then assign someone to do the job. You may as well split the roles for two or more people including your bridesmaid. They will be more than happy to help out in their little way. However, give them some breathing space too to ensure they look stunning in your wedding pictures.

●    Balance the Payments

If there are outstanding payments to make, then you need to do this before the wedding. On one hand, you want to avoid any disappointments from your vendors under the excuse of incomplete payment.

Also, you want to avoid any stress after the wedding trying to balance payments during your honeymoon. So, ensure everyone gets their payment completely before the wedding day.

Before paying in full however you have to be sure about the vendor and ensure it’s not all a scam. So, perform a double-check before issuing a payment.

Also, for those that may have shown some signs of flopping, hire another immediately to avoid stories. Nothing reduces a couple’s joy on their wedding day faster than disappointing vendors.

●    Pack Your Luggage

After settling the vendors and ensuring they’ve received the payments, then it’s time to pack your bags. For everything, you’ll be using during your wedding, put them inside the bags to avoid forgetting any. Remember that rushing to buy new items will require more money, so save your money by getting everything available.

Right from the makeup tools, ensure they’re complete in your bag. Also, run the last-minute questions with your makeup artists so you’ll have information on what to bring. Don’t forget your wigs as well and pre-style if possible.

Your shoes, dresses, flowers, undergarments, jewelry, clutch, and every other thing you’ll need, should also enter the box. This tip isn’t only useful for those going to a hotel, it also helps you stay organized when you’re dressing in your apartment.

●    Prepare for Your Honeymoon

Another thing you want to do is to prepare for your honeymoon. Whether it’ll be in the same country or somewhere else, ensure you have all you need packed. Include your passports and travel documents in the luggage. Also, your hotel bookings should be verified before it gets all clumsy. This will save you lots of stress.

●    Check On Your Photo Booth

Next up is to check the decor and other details at the event venue. One important thing to see is the photo booth or section. Ensure your decorations are in place and properly aligned.

Also, get your hired photographer to give professional advice on the area before the day. This little process gives you confidence and boosts your anticipation to see your lovely wedding pictures.

But, if you have an event planner, it’s their task to ensure everything works fine. All you need to do is send a reminder about any changes or important details you’re looking forward to seeing.

●    Work With a Transportation Company

There’s a lot of running around to do, so ensure there’s a driver on standby. For every movement, you’ll need to have someone behind the wheel. This helps you reduce stress and keeps your face fresh for your big day.

●    Get a Spa Treatment

Take a short time to visit the spa for your beauty treatment. As the bride or groom, you need to look stunning in your pictures and this can change when your face is all stressed. So, after the different trips you’ve gone through during the day, stop by the spa for some treats.

If possible, get your partner to come along. These may be your last moments together before being joined as man and wife. So, take it seriously and enjoy the special treatment.

On the other hand, you can get your bridesmaid or groomsmen to come along if your partner isn’t available. This will be fun for your and your friends. Don’t forget to take pictures too. It’ll be among your most cherished moments in life.

●    Prepare for the Unexpected

If you’re getting married during the rainy season, then you want to prepare for the unexpected – rain. Regardless of the clear weather forecast for the day, things may change and this will disrupt your wedding. So, if your event will be outdoor, ensure you get a covering for your guests. In case the rain starts, you’ll stay calm and continue without stress.

●    Assign Someone to Handle the Wedding Documents

Your wedding documents are very important and it’s good to assign someone who’ll help keep them safe before the day. The wedding program, your wedding vows, your wedding certificate, and other important documents should be handled properly.

Also, assign someone to take your monetary gifts. Most of your guests will come with sealed envelopes containing money and this should be given to a trusted person. Have the person write down the names of the people because it’ll be used to send appreciation cards after the ceremony. 

●    Wedding Rings

Here’s something you shouldn’t forget at all. These little pieces of jewelry are quite easy to forget, but by dropping them in your luggage early, you’ll be avoiding that.

You can also assign someone to keep the rings safe to avoid searching for them in the luggage.

It’s always painful and destabilizing when you have to shop wedding rings at the last minute because you forgot them.

●    Checkbook and Cash

Money is very important too. It’s either you go with your checkbooks, cards, or sufficient cash to cater for any emergency spending. This cash will be useful on the wedding morning to tip the vendors. This isn’t important though, but an extra tip will increase the willingness to achieve your desired looks.

●    Phone Accessories

Lastly, you need your phone accessories around you, especially the chargers. For each phone you’re holding, ensure the power is full. Communication is key, especially for your guests who are coming to honor you both. So, you need to monitor them and ensure they’re well taken care of before the program begins.


From this article, you’ve surely seen lots of items to pack in your bags when doing last-minute checks. With these items already available at your disposal, your mind will be focused on other activities that may pop up hours before the wedding.

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