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Tips on Planning a Wedding Through the Digital Space

Wedding planning is an exhausting and extensive process; as soon as you check one completed task off your to-do list, another one is waiting in its place. Fortunately, utilizing the internet can make the process easier and less stressful for you and your partner. Read below to learn about using digital resources for wedding planning!

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Digital Planning for an In-Person Wedding

There are many online resources, platforms, and websites that simplify any and all parts of the wedding planning process. One of the more tedious tasks is planning a budget for your wedding. Online budgeting makes keeping track of the many costs and expenses of wedding planning much simpler and convenient.  

Some couples use general online budget websites such as, while others prefer to use websites geared specifically toward wedding planning. The alerts and notices when payments are due, customization, and friendly user interface of online budgeting tools can help you keep your finances in order leading up to the big day.

Wedding stationery typically includes Save the Dates, invitations, thank you notes, change the dates, and any other required paper documents. It can be difficult to organize, format, and send out all of these documents individually, but you can expedite the process by using an online resource such as Postable, as they provide custom wedding stationery at an affordable rate.

Simply choose a design or template, type a custom message, enter addresses in the website, and Postable ensures that they will go out on time! While you may be worried that these appear generic, they use a “real handwritten font” to guarantee the individuality and authenticity of a personalized message.

Finding vendors is one of the more difficult parts of wedding planning, as researching and comparing estimates for local caterers, florists, photographers, bands or DJs, makeup artists, fashion providers, and any other service provider is very time-consuming. Fortunately, Carats and Cake is here to help! They provide a list of vendors from which you can compare rates and services before making a decision. They also allow other couples to document their own weddings and any vendors they use.

You can browse their website and, if you see something you like from someone else’s wedding, you will be provided with the provider’s contact information! Regardless of which wedding planning task you require assistance with, there is surely an online platform that can help.

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Planning for a Digital Wedding

The aforementioned resources may also come in handy when planning a digital wedding, but there are more specific courses of action and planning measures you must take. Digital weddings have become increasingly popular due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many couples who had planned to get married in the spring, summer, or fall had to postpone their weddings to a later unknown date due to health and safety concerns surrounding crowds and gatherings.

Digital weddings allow couples to get married immediately instead of waiting for the COVID-19 cloud of uncertainty to clear up. There are several clear benefits to digital weddings, as they are much cheaper than large in-person events. They also allow you to expand your guest list because it is easier for people to view the wedding than it is to travel and attend in person.

Picking the platform is one of the first tasks of digital wedding planning. You can livestream your ceremony via social media sites such as Facebook Live or Instagram Live, but you can also invite people to a video chat via Zoom, FaceTime, HouseParty, or another platform. The platform is largely dependent on the number of desired viewers, so be sure to research and compare different platforms to find one that best meets your needs. Most are free of charge, but some offer premium subscriptions that may be advantageous for your big day.

For example, some premium services do not limit the number of viewers or participants in the video chat room. After picking a platform, you need to clearly provide guests with the necessary information. This includes the platform, date, time with time zone specified, and any password required for entry. It also helps to provide a link directly to the viewing, as this simplifies the process on their end.

You will also need to ensure that you have the necessary equipment. While you may not need anything more than a phone or computer, some opt to use professional cameras and microphones to guarantee a higher quality. Many couples hire a photographer or videographer to assist with the big day, as their professional expertise can enhance the experience.

Online Wedding Ring Shopping  

Whether you get married on screen or on stage, you need a wedding ring for your big day. Fortunately, you can easily order one online! Shopping for a wedding ring online offers a variety of advantages over in-person shopping. In addition to being easier and more convenient for shoppers, you are also provided with more options.

Wedding rings are available in a variety of different materials and styles, which can you conveniently view all at once. You can even create your own wedding ring when ordering online! You can incorporate bands, inlays, or sleeves of different materials and colors in addition to engravings to make your ring one of a kind. Common engravings include dates, initials, coordinates, sound waves, and more.

When shopping online, be sure to order far enough in advance to allow for adequate shipping time. You will also need to know your wedding ring size before ordering, which can be done through a professional measurement or at-home ring sizer.

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Today’s digital age simplifies many areas of life, but it is especially useful for wedding planning. With this convenient guide, getting ready for your big day will be a breeze!

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