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Awesome Benefits – Vajrasana (Diamond Pose)

How To do Diamond Pose (Vajrasana) ?

Fold the ankles of both your feet and sit on the knees and claws. Put both of your hands on knees or thighs. Keep your chest and hose straight.

Benefits of Diamond Pose (Vajrasana)

  1. The body becomes very strong. It results in affinity in knees and calves.
  2. Diamond pose (Vajrasana) makes the body strong.
  3. Vajrasana is helpful in concentrating meditation.
  4. Diamond pose (Vajrasana) is the only posture that makes the digestive system good after eating and the food that is eaten digests.
  5. It removes diarrhea, backache and chest diseases.
  6. This posture removes mental depression and erosion of memory power.
  7. If women do this asana, their menstrual impurities are removed.

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