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Why To Practice Camel Pose or Ustrasana ?

=> Some people mistakenly call it Dhanurasana.   

How To Do Camel Pose (Ustrasana):

Lie down on the belly. Hold both the pins of the two legs with both hands. Drag the upper and lower part of the stomach, buttocks and stomach. Stay constant in this situation.

Note: Hernia’s patient should never have this posture(ustrasana).

Benefit  of Camel Pose (Ustrasana):

  1. Camel pose (ustrasana) removes the stiffness of the spinal cord and makes it flexible, it increases the life, and old age does not come soon.
  2. This pose removes diabetes.
  3. Doing this posture(ustrasana) every day for 10-15 minutes will remove obesity of the body and stomach.
  4. By cutting thick fat neck fat and making it thin. Reduces obesity from the body and makes it fine.
  5. The practice of camel pose illuminates gastric problem.
  6. Camel pose prevents constipation.
  7. Removes all kinds of stomachs issues.
  8. The navel set by this posture comes back to its proper place. After the continuation of ustrasana, the navel does not change again.
  9. The practice of ustrasana posture strengthens the thighs, arms and legs.
  10. ustrasana increases the activity of the gut, the breathing hose and the lungs.
  11. The chest widens through the practice of this asana.
  12. ustrasana posture removes diseases of the stomach, intestines and genitalia and reinforces them. This posture is particularly beneficial in female diseases.
  13. This asana removes back pain and waist pain.

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