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Top 3 Private Trains In India

Trains are considered the lifeline of India. A range of government-regulated trains are serving the public but the Indian government has included private trains in its plan as well. Indian Railway has invited private companies to initiate the running of a cluster of private trains between the cities to ease the journey of travelers.

The plan of Private Train Services Inclusions

What are the prime reasons behind initiating the cluster of Private Trains in India? 

Along with providing the best facilities during the journey, the private trains fulfill the criteria of several other objectives.

Take a look at the points that cause the great demand for Private Trains in India.

  • To reduce the percentage of passengers who are falling into the category of the waiting list.
  • To improve the quality and the services provided during the journey.
  • The private trains are ahead of the trains regulated by the Indian government in the aspect of technology, speed and maintenance.
  • Apart from offering top-notch facilities, private trains are generating employment on a grand scale.

Here we’ll learn everything about the significant private trains that are an integral part of Indian Railways.

1. Tejas Express -:

Known as the fastest-running train in India -Tejas Express is highly advanced and well-equipped with hi-tech facilitative features. Unlike other trains, Tejas Express provides some airplane-like facilities to the passengers that ensure their complete comfort.

Here are the specific features available inside the Tejas Express that make it distinct from other trains.

  • The spacious coaches of Tejas Express are separated by smooth sliding doors. In comparison to the other train coaches, the births are bigger and more comfortable.
  • To ensure the safety of the passengers during the journey, it has CCTV cameras, emergency PUSH buttons Fire alarms, etc. Besides, the passengers can see all the crucial information about the arrival, departure and status of the train’s delay on the KIOSKS installed inside the coaches.
  • To make your train journey experience more luxurious, private trains like Tejas offer top-notch entertainment facilities to the passengers. The LCD screens right in front of each passenger are full of entertaining content. From pre-installed movies to endearing music to kids’ content, you can find everything to keep you engaged while traveling.
  • Unlike the other trains, Tejas Express does not provide pantry-cooked food to the passengers. This initiative has been taken by the authorities to eliminate the health concerns of the passengers. The on-board catering services are included in the fare and passengers can have tea and coffee from the vending machine available on the train.
  • Similar to the flight journeys, the passengers of Tejas Express can convey their requirements to the Rail Hostesses. They are highly proficient in English, Hindi and other regional languages. This facility helps keep the entire coach well-organized and chaos-free.

The Convenient Fare -:

The base fare starts from 1125 rupees and it increases according to the services included by the passengers. For the executive chair seat, the charges are 2310 rupees of which 1966 rupees are the base fare while the additional charges are GST and catering.

The Tejas Express is currently running on two routes “New Delhi – Lucknow” and “Mumbai- Ahmedabad”.

2. Kashi Mahakal Express –

Connecting the prominent religious locations Varanasi and Indore, the Kashi Mahakal Express is a bi-weekly private train. It connects the three main Jyotirlingas of India that are – Mahakaleshwar, Omkareshwar and Kashi Vishwanath.

Here are some prime features and facilities available inside the Kashi Mahakal Express that contribute to the ease & comfort of the passengers during the journey.

  • The fully air-conditioned 3-Tier coaches of Kashi Mahakal Express are loaded with a range of luxury facilities. The modular bio-toilets, entertainment facilities through LCD screens in front of the passengers, spacious and comfortable berths, smoke and flame detectors & suppressors, CCTV cameras, fully vegetarian meals and Coffee/Tea vending machines are the main distinct amenities available inside the train.
  • Due to being a train dedicated to the devotees of lord Shiva, there is a seat in coach B5 is reserved for Shiva. On the seat, the pictures of lord Shiva are placed respectfully. The passengers can offer prayer or bow down in the front of the seat occasionally.
  • For the security of the passengers, while traveling, the Kashi Mahakal Express authority deploys two private but professionally trained guards in each coach.
  • Travelers also enjoy the light devotional music played inside the coaches.
  • Kashi Mahakal Express has a pantry car facility for the passengers as well. Here the travelers can take the meals and refreshments during the journey.
  • The specially designed baby pots are equipped inside the bathrooms for the comfort of kids and nascent babies traveling on the train.
  • The tour package facility is also available for devotees. One can book them online through the mobile application or purchase them during the journey.
  • The passengers of Kashi Mahakal Express are benefitted from the 10 lakh insurance coverage during the journey.

The Convenient Fare of Kashi Mahakal Express -:

From Varanasi to Indore, the fare of Kashi Mahakal Express is 1951 rupees. While for the other destinations that fall in between the route, the fare is different.

  1. From Varanasi to Prayagraj – INR 737
  2. From Varanasi to Lucknow – INR 679
  3. From Varanasi to Kanpur – INR 980
  4. From Varanasi to Bina – INR 1463
  5. From Varanasi to Sant Hridaram Nagar – INR 1599
  6. From Varanasi to Ujjain – INR 1803

3. Bharat Gaurav Train –

Presenting three different categories – Economy, Deluxe and Comfort, The Bharat Gaurav Train reflects the epitome of a luxury journey. It offers a complete tour package including the fare, meals, accommodation, transportation and insurance for the hassle-free journey of the travelers.

Equipped with fully air-conditioned facilities, the AC I, AC II, and ACI tier accommodations have all the basic to advanced features for a safe & comfortable journey.

Take a look at what it serves to the passengers.

  • A flameless modern kitchen Car, two restaurants, shower cubicles in the bathrooms, a foot massager, an electronic safe in each cabin and CCTV cameras are those facilities that give it a completely luxurious look.
  • The train has a total capacity of 268 seats which are categorised into Economy, Comfort and Deluxe.
  • Cushioned berths and seats, curtains for privacy and reading lights at each seat enhance the pleasure of traveling for such a long distance.
  • In each coach, the safety guards, tourist escorts and sweepers will be available. Their presence lessens the chances of chaos inside the coaches.
  • The pure vegetarian food, tea/coffee with snacks and clean water will be served to the passengers according to the given timing on the chart.
  • There is a mini library as well inside the luxury coaches of Bharat Gaurav Train.

The Fare of traveling in Bharat Gaurav Train –

Being a renowned luxury private train of India, the fare of Bharat Gaurav Train falls on a higher side. But the top-notch facilities offered inside, justify it completely.

The initial price range per person is 17,655 rupees. This include the prices for journey of all the devotional places include in Bharat Darshan Scheme. Along with it, it covers the accomodation, meals, insurance and several other advantages also.

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