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Cigarette smoking, although is seen as an escape by some and a sense of class by the others, is injurious to health. It is the root cause of life taking diseases such as cancer and is banned across public places in India. It does not only destroy the person smoking but is extremely harmful to those surrounding that person as well. The smoke inhaled from the cigarette ruins one’s physical health and damages their lungs irrevocably.

Despite its harmful effects, India has a vast and booming tobacco market estimated to be around $11 million and around 12% of the world’s smokers tend to be Indians. With the increasing levels of disposable income, it is estimated that there might come a drastic change in the consumer preferences from the low-end to high-end cigarettes. Smoking is seen as a trend today in the youth who fail to acknowledge the harm it causes to them and develop this habit of smoking as young as 18-19 years of age.

Despite its numerous harmful effects, there is wide spread demand for cigarettes in India today. Amongst the numerous brands available, here we present to you a list of the top 11 cigarette brands that stand up to the expectations of their Indian clientele.

1. Four Square-

A product of Godfrey Phillips India, this brand is one of the most consumed cigarette brands in India. Founded in 1844, this is a flagship company of Modi enterprises. This brand delights the customers with its extensive look and feel of the product. This brand imports its products from other countries making its taste and experience very different from the other Indian manufacturers of cigarettes. Its size range varies from 70mm to 85 mm.

2. Bristol-

A product of ITC limited India, they are widely preferred throughout the country and are manufactured at sites in USA, England and India. The company offers its product in various sizes varying from anywhere between 10 or 20 cigarettes in a pack.

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3. Chancellor International-

A product of Golden Tobacco Limited, India, these cigarettes are made from premium tobacco so that they generate a smooth smoke tainted with the fine aroma of tobacco from Berley. Its length ranges from around 80mm to 100mm. It is available in flavours such as Menthol, Menthol Lights, Full flavour, Ultra Lights and many more.

4. Berkeley-

A product of ITC limited India, this brand manufactures its products in Zimbabwe and is owned by British American Tobacco. This brand also has its presence in the United Kingdom and its manufacturing process over there is undertaken by Japan Tobacco International. Its size range varies from 85-100 mm and the product can be availed in various flavours such as Mild, Red, Extra Mild, Blue Lights, Menthol etc.

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5. Red and White-

Yet another product of Godfrey Phillips, this is a relatively young brand that has, in a short period of time, established itself amongst its other competitors in the market. The colour of its packaging is where the name of the product is derived from. A unique strategy adopted by the manufacturers, this makes the brand standout amidst other brands in the market and makes the identification of the brand much more easier.

6. Panama Cigarette-

A Golden Tobacco Limited India product, this brand makes its products from premium and handpicked tobacco. The product includes seven different variants which is, for any indigenous brand, an unmatched line. The filter tip range of Panama includes Panama Menth ol, Panama Mini-kings special, Panama filter and Panama Deluxe Filter and many other varieties. Its non-filter cigarettes are available in two different varieties such as Panama Virginia and Panama Virginia Regular.

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7. Cavanders-

Another product of Godfrey Phillips, this is a filter-less cigarette that is liked for its absence of filter and a strong essence of tobacco. In line with its harsh flavour and hardcore usage, it is sometimes also linked to the name ‘the commander’s cigarette’. The crushed charas is emptied out on the palm, mixed with it and poured back into the cigarette; this is how this product is used.

8. Gold Flake-

The British firm WD and HO Wills used to own this century old brand. Its ownership has now been passed on to the ITC group which owns, markets and manufactures the brand’s products. The name ‘Gold Flake’ refers to being bright and rich, meaning those cigarettes manufactured from rich and bright tobacco. This brand began its manufacturing process in Kolkata, West Bengal and provides a wide variety of cigarettes such as Gold Flake Mild, Gold Flake Kings and Gold Flake Regular. India is a major market for this brand as it holds around 17 percent of the market share in the country making it a major cash cow for Gold Flake.

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9. Tipper-

Yet another Godfrey Phillips owned company, this is one of the fastest growing brands under the Godfrey Phillips banner and has captured a considerable market share for itself within a shot range of time. It advances a smoker’s experience through by continuously coming up with innovative flavours that are a delight to its consumers making it increasingly popular among micro smokers.

10. Flair-

A product of Golden Tobacco Limited, India, these cigarettes are designed for smokers so that they can maximise their satisfaction from smoking. The cigarettes are sold online as well on various websites and it has an E-cigarette range as well to- ‘ensure that smokers can get their freedom back’. It focuses on getting the right taste and flavour to ensure that the consumers’ needs are aptly satisfied. The brand spells fine taste and quality.

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11. Insignia-

If one does not mind splurging on cigarettes then this is the brand to look at. A pack of 20 cigarettes from this brand costs around 300 rupees. Suffice to say, it is one of the most expensive cigarette brands in the Indian market. The brand gives tough competition to its global competitors such as Dunhill, Cartier, Sobranie and John Player. The brand stands up to its elite and classic image and offers fine tasting cigarettes made from the best quality of ingredients.

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