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Top 11 Cow Ghee Brands In India

Ghee is clarified butter and in Sanskrit, it is known as Ghruta. It is prepared by simmering butter, which is extracted from cream or curd. In India ghee is commonly made from cow milk and considered to be sacred. In ancient times it is used in Vedic Yajna and fire rituals. Ghee is often been used in various ceremonies in India as marriage, funerals, etc and also in bathing deities of Shiva and Krishna.

Ghee is used in Indian cuisines such as khichdi, Puran Poli, daal bati churma, kadhi, and many sweets. Even Ghee is considered to be sattvik food and also used in ayurvedic medicines and also it is used for curing constipation and ulcers. Ghee is usually found to be packaged in airtight glass jars. Once opened it has to be consumed within 3 months. Cow Ghee also improves the digestive system as well as improves eye sights.

Following are the top 11 cow ghee brands in India that would make a healthy and comfortable life simultaneously-

1. Gowardhan

Gowardhan is one of the leading dairy products manufacturing companies in India. Gowardhan has been manufacturing dairy products since 1992. It is India’s largest cow plant and Asia’s biggest cheese plant.  It is delivering quality products made 100% from cow’s milk. The company also sells other dairy products like Milk, Butter, and processed cheese.

2. Anik

Anik is one of the oldest companies in India for manufacturing dairy products. The company is known for its best ghee and also has a natural aroma that would not be found in other ghee brands. The company is packaging the products in hygienic places. They use traditional and hygienic methods to produce ghee and other dairy products which are healthy and safe too.

3. Madhusudan

Madhusudan is also a renowned cow ghee brand in the Indian food industry. They are manufacturing excellent ghee which has amazing taste and also takes care of healthiness at affordable prices. The company is operating in dairy products since 1991. It is famous for providing the best quality products at affordable rates to its customers. The company is more than 50000 outlets all over the country.

4. Gopaljee Ananda

The company is having a good brand name in cow ghee and other dairy products. The company is operating in this dairy industry for two decades. The company is manufacturing lots of products like Rabri, Chach, Paneer, Butter, etc.

5. Nestle Everyday

Nestle Everyday is an International brand that has made a name in the Indian dairy products industry. It is hygienically packed to maintain its flavor and freshness for a longer period. It builds a relationship of trust and commitment with people. It also improves the quality of life and provides a healthier life.

6. Britannia

Britannia is considered to be household brands in India and is also famous for making biscuits, bread, and other food items. They have also made a name in dairy products. They are also famous for producing Cow ghee.  There are lots of varieties of cow ghee in the industry but Britannia is producing excellent quality that caters to the needs of the customers.

7. Amul

Amul is considered to be the best ghee brand in India. Amul has been manufacturing dairy products for so many years and people love its delicious and healthy products. It is rich in taste and made from fresh cream. The company produces lots of dairy products other than Cow ghee and all are considered to be providing good quality. 

8. Patanjali

Patanjali cow ghee is yet another brand that provides nutritive properties and an excellent diet for the digestive system. Regular consumption of ghee is advised for those who want to gain weight. Patanjali has become the homely name for producing good quality of ghee in India.

9. Aashirvaad Svasti Ghee

Aashirvaad Svasti ghee is an ITC product and has been forthcoming in dairy products. The ghee is made from pure cow’s milk and it is the first product of the company in the dairy portfolio. The ghee has a natural aroma and rich granular texture. It is available mainly in southern parts of India and also available on E-commerce websites.

10. Healthaid

Punjab is also known for manufacturing dairy products like ghee, milk and many other dairy products. Healthaid is one of the leading ghee brands in Punjab. Healthaid is providing various dairy products like skimmed milk, ice cream, cottage cheese, etc. It provides quality ghee and also healthier to eat. 

11. Mother Dairy Cow Ghee

Mother Dairy has been producing and delivering milk and milk products since 1974. It also sells ice creams, paneer, and Ghee. The Company is making its effort to meet the daily requirements of the household. It is considered to be the 2nd best FMCG Company in the food industry. Mother Dairy has been operating for a lot of years but it is providing ghee at affordable rates and also the quality is up to the mark of the industry.

There are lots of more brands that are manufacturing ghee and making their effort to become top brands in India. Thus Cow ghee helps to improve your glowing skin and hair. This ghee has the characteristics of improving your immune and digestive system. It also makes your body strong and healthy.

Ghee has characteristics of keeping your heart healthy. It is also used as Ayurvedic medicine to cure your nasal problems. In India Ghee has always been a sacred and also daily requirement of cooking. Ghee is rich in omega 3 and omega 9 with essential vitamins A, D, E, and K. Ghee has been used for centuries for skin, eye health, digestive system, and mainly joint lubricants. 

With the availability of various brands, one needs to check for above-given brands which are providing cow ghee at best prices and also at best quality. Ghee can be used for sacred things like bathing of the deity, fire rituals, but it can be used for medicinal purposes and also for curing digestive system. Ghee has lots of nutrients to keep the body in working condition. Ghee is often been used in various communities in their cuisines for its rich flavor. Ghee is also used to heat the cannabis to cause decarboxylation.

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