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Lee Cooper

1. how to identify original lee cooper shoes?

The first and foremost thing to note is the name of the brand and logo in the inside of the sole of the shoe. You could also check the tongue of the shoe to known company brand and standard international size.

2. lee cooper belongs to which country?

The company is based in London, United Kingdom lee cooper is an English clothing company founded in the year 1903. The company had started its business with workwear and then it moved to shoes.

3. who is the owner of lee cooper?

Lee Cooper is owned by an Iconix Brand group which is the parent organization of the brand. Originally the brand was founded by Morris Cooper in the year 1908. Later in 2013, the brand was acquired by Iconix Brand Group to manufacture and sell rights along with branding license in many countries.

4. how to clean lee cooper boots?

To clean the lee cooper boots you have to remove excess dirt by using a soft brush. Use the washcloth to wipe away stains and dirt. Remove excess dirt using soaps and suds with warm water. Remove laces and wash laces using soaps and detergents. Remove dirt using the brush and apply a white eraser kit from the store.

5. how much lee cooper shoes?

Price ranges start from Rs.2100. However, the price of Lee-Cooper shoes varies from different online shopping sites. In online shopping websites, the price range starts from Rs.800 to Rs.3500. Prices on Amazon and Flipkart may vary for such branded jeans and shoes. It may start from Rs.800 to 4000.

6. what is lee cooper sports shoes?

Lee cooper makes both performance-boosting and tech-driven shoe sports shoes for both men and women. These shoes are not only durable but are offered in various fashion styles which are perfect for workouts and sports. Lee cooper sport sports are versatile with the custom fit that can be paired with jeans, chinos and jog pants.

7. how much are lee cooper jeans?

Price ranges start from Rs.1000. However, the price of Lee-Cooper jeans may vary at different online shopping sites. In online shopping websites, the price range starts from Rs.700 to Rs.2500. Jeans are comfortable to wear and hence the price of jeans may vary on e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart and it starts from Rs. 700 to 2500. Thus the best deals provided by this e-commerce website will help the customers to buy jeans at affordable rates.

8. where are lee cooper shoes made?

Lee cooper shoes are originated in London, England since 1930 and they have established within 100 years and also join hands with various footwear companies to sell their products. However, their brand name has been manufacturing for more than 100 years of exclusive shoes. Various companies have got brand licensee to manufacture branded shoes.

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