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Text Broadcast: Reaching Your Target Audience Effectively and Efficiently

One of the reasons that businesses are drawn to SMS text broadcasts is because of the sheer volume of people it allows them to reach. While this can sometimes compensate for a lower conversion rate, it still pays to focus on improving your efficiency and effectiveness in the long run. So, here you will go over everything you need to know about SMS broadcasts to get the best results every time.

1. Segment Your Target Audiences

Not all of your customers are the same, so it would be foolish to think of them as a single entity. Instead, take the time to review your contact list and segment it based on different factors that can determine which people get what messages. This will immediately and drastically affect your conversion rates since people are more likely to engage with more personalized messages.

If you’re wondering how to segment a text list for SMS marketing, the easiest way is to use text alert services. Not only do these services allow you to import existing contact lists, but they also let you configure, refine, and segment your lists. This can be done with “text words,” which are keywords that allow segmentation, with each functioning as its own list. This makes sending the right messages to the right people for maximum conversions easy.

2. Branding

The worst thing you can do when using SMS broadcasts is to make your messages painfully generic. For example, texting “Happy Valentine’s Day” on Valentine’s Day may be a kind gesture, but it is boring and doesn’t encourage engagement. Instead, you can text a link to a video, blog post, or special offer only for a limited time. This will help make your brand feel alive and exciting.

You can also use a text broadcast to notify your subscribers of contests and giveaways. In many cases, this can be as simple as letting your subs know that they will be eligible for the prizes you’re offering if they respond to your text with a certain phrase or keyword. Using a strategy such as this will also create a sense of reciprocity among your subscribers.

3. Getting Your Messages Read

Many factors go into getting people to read your text messages when using SMS marketing. You already have the advantage of building customer trust since anyone on your list would have opted out already if they didn’t trust you to some extent, but there is more that you can do to get people to read your messages.

The first strategy is consistency. If you send messages at the same time every week or daily, people will be more likely to read them since they are expected. Just make sure you think about when and how often to send messages. Too often, people will burn out. Too infrequent, and you won’t accomplish your marketing goals.

Another strategy is to use surprise giveaways and offers that are time-sensitive. This creates the fear psychological element of loss and will make people afraid of missing out on an offer they may want. You can use this strategy with teaser messages that let people know a special offer is coming up but without giving them a specific time and date.

4. Getting a Response

Getting your messages read is only half the goal regarding SMS broadcasts. You need to engage in some good old-fashioned copywriting to get your subs to do something. Words are powerful, and there is a big difference between texts written by a pro and texts written by someone that needs help understanding how elements like scarcity, fear of loss, and problem/solution marketing work. If you want your messages to get a response, ensure a legitimate professional copywriter writes them.

Making the Most of Your Broadcasts

It is easy to get complacent when doing SMS broadcasts because they are so easy to do. This can make you feel like you have infinite chances to get things right with your target audience. However, the key is to broadcast intelligently and with a data-backed strategy. If you can do that, your broadcasts will be much more effective and efficient each time you do them.

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