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Types of Domestic Violence

Have you ever thought of defining domestic violence? A lot of people do not know about the types of domestic violence and abuse. They think that domestic violence is just limited to physical torture which gives a lot of physical injuries to the victim. But, in reality, there are different types of domestic violence and they all come with devastating consequences that nobody can even imagine. Moreover, all types of domestic violence have a similar pattern as in every type, the one with the controlling behavior becomes worse and worse with time. 

There cannot be any explanation when it comes to domestic violence. This is something very wrong happening in society. Especially in India, a lot of women, mostly lower-class women, face a lot of domestic violence and nobody reacts to it. Here, in this blog, we are guiding you through the various types of domestic violence and how you can avoid it. 

Different types of domestic violence 

When we talk about domestic violence, the situation that appears in our mind is an abusive partner physically hurting the victim. But, physical domestic violence is just one form of domestic violence. You may not have any idea about this but domestic violence may be physical, emotional, verbal, and even financial. 

Physical Abuse 

This is the most common type of domestic violence. It often leaves a tragic impact on the victim physically as well as mentally. Physical abuse is very easy to recognize because it leaves marks on the body of the victim. It is often done by an abusive partner to keep the victim dominated and have full control over the relationship. Various reports show that a lot of Indian women suffer from physical domestic violence in their marriages. In case a woman commits physical abuse, it is often for self-defense. 

Mental or Emotional Abuse 

Emotional abuse is difficult to explain. It has a lot of non-physical qualities making it more difficult for quantifying. Mental or emotional abuse can be recognized by abusive language, actions, etc that a dominating partner uses frequently to embarrass or break down the self-esteem of the victim. 

Mental or emotional abuse mostly attacks the mental health of a person. This type of domestic violence also includes confusing the victim through various actions. Another name for this type of domestic violence is gaslighting. 

Mental abuse is a type of domestic violence that we may consider as a direct threat of physical harm to the victim. Also, it may be an act of indirect threats to attack the family members or close ones of the victim. One can also be a victim of emotional abuse when their feelings, requests, and needs are not paid attention to. 


Nobody thought isolation could be a type of domestic violence but unfortunately, it is. It is carried on with the motive to build full control over the victim. The dominating partner of the victim focuses on suppressing the victim to keep them under their control. 

The abusive partner thinks that the best way to establish control over the victim is by isolating them. The victim is isolated and not allowed to meet any other people be it their friends, family members, and even colleagues. The victim is kept away from anyone who might try to help them get away from the abusive partner. Once the victim is isolated, the only person that they can be connected with is their abusive partner. 

Financial Abuse 

In a case of financial abuse, the abusive partner establishes control over the financial resources of the victim. The abusive partner might stop the victim from accessing the funds or might put some restrictions on their financial needs. Another way through which physical abuse may be conducted is by taking away the victim’s ability to earn money. This can be done by barring their continuation at the workplace. 

Identifying domestic violence 

Domestic violence can be identified in various ways. An abusive partner is often very controlling – be it physically, mentally, or financially. Some of the signs which might help you to identify if your loved ones are in trouble include:

  • Cuts or marks on the body 
  • Not behaving normally around their spouse 
  • Having very limited access to finances 
  • Making excuses for their partner’s behaviour in public 
  • Coming to meet family and friends very less 
  • Living in constant fear of their partner and not being able to say no to them no matter what  


If you suspect any of your loved ones facing domestic violence, you can offer support in various ways. But, do you know what is the best thing to do? Hire a detective agency in Gurgaon to get good guidance during the whole situation and collect strong evidence against their abusive partner. A reliable private detective will provide you with the best ways to get through this type of complicated situation. 

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